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June 21, 2021
Android 4.4+
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Picoworkers is a money making application platform that allows you to make money easily. Are Picoworkers proven to pay?

Before answering this question, please note that this APK is basically a site or website that is claimed to be legit enough to earn dollars from the internet, gang.

Suddenly, this money-making site suddenly went viral in cyberspace because of the convenience it offered. Even those of you who don’t have certain skills or degrees can use them.

If you don’t believe it, please read Jaka’s article this time to the end, OK. The download link for money-making Picoworkers has also been prepared below, really. Check it out !

About Picoworkers

Photo source: Picoworkers

Picoworkers is an online service that brings together users ( freelancers ) to employers or business owners ( employers ). The business model is similar to the money-making Upwork that ApkVenue discussed earlier.

Later, you as a user are asked to do a number of tasks given by the employer . Don’t worry, the job is very easy, really.

Some examples of jobs that you can find include searching for articles, visiting sites, filling out surveys, liking Facebook posts, joining Telegram, watching YouTube, commenting on other people’s uploads, downloading applications, and much more.

When you have successfully completed the task, you will receive a reward. For the salary itself, it will be given according to the rate made by the employer when giving the assignment.

The amount of wages you can get in each job ranges from 0.030 to 0.80 US dollars . If you are diligent, it’s not impossible that you can earn Rp. 75-100 per day , you know. That’s great, right?

Download Picoworkers Money Making APK

Are you interested in trying it? Don’t worry, you can also download Picoworkers in APK form at the following link , gang. But before that, first check the specifications table below, OK!

DeveloperThunderstorms Studio
Minimal OSAndroid 4.4+

For those of you who can’t wait, here is the download link for the Picoworkers APK! Oh, yes, this application is also available on the website version, gang!

Cara Instal APK Picoworkers

Well, because you have to download and install Picoworkers manually, you can follow the steps below, OK!

  1. Remove older versions of Picoworkers (if any).
  2. Go to HP Settings > Security , enable ” Unknown Sources “.
  3. Download the file that ApkVenue has provided above.
  4. Click the ” Picoworkers APK JalanTikus ” file and download it on the device (Click ‘Allow from this source’ if prompted).
  5. Wait until the installation process is complete.

Features and Advantages of Picoworkers

In addition to giving you many advantages, there are several other features and advantages that you can enjoy, gang. What are the advantages in question? Come on, see the full review!

1. User Friendly

For those of you who are trying this money- making application for the first time , you don’t need to be confused because the appearance of Picoworkers is basically very user friendly .

All the information and directions given are not difficult for you to understand, really. You can also work and enjoy all the features provided comfortably.

2. Referral System .

In addition, you can also enjoy the referral feature which allows you to earn additional income by inviting friends.

Through this system, you can get 5% of the value of the friend’s task that you have invited to join.

3. Select the desired job

With this application, you can see a list of jobs that you can take. Of course, you can choose according to your abilities.

To make it easier, you can use job filters according to your wishes, such as levels ranging from beginner to expert , type of work, payment method, to the location you want.

How to Register Picoworkers, Money Making APK

If you want to immediately get income from this one platform , of course you have to register or register first, gang,

Interestingly, you will get a balance worth 1.25 US dollars when you first register on this site. However, you can’t immediately withdraw the balance, yes, but you must routinely complete the job first.

Here’s how to register Picoworkers sign up !

  • The Picoworkers.com site book .
  • Click the Sign In menu at the top right.
  • Fill in all the requested data.
  • Open your e-mail .
  • Check the incoming verification link, click the link .
  • You can login on the Picoworkers website.

How to Find a Job at Picoworkers

To be able to achieve Picoworkers earnings , you certainly have to routinely complete the existing work, gang.

How to? Don’t worry, because ApkVenue will teach you through the reviews below!

  • Go to the Find Jobs menu .
  • Search for available jobs.
  • Click the job you want.
  • Read the terms of employment in detail.
  • Klik Hold This Job.

As for the Hold This Job feature in the last step above, it is useful so that you can “hold” the job to be done at a later date.

If the work has been done perfectly, you can immediately enter the results of the work in the proof account column that you created, then click **Submit Proof_.

The results of the work will take about 3 to 7 days to be approved by the employer . If accepted, you can receive rewards directly to your account balance .

Don’t forget to always check the work status on the My Task menu , okay? If it is green ticked, it means that your work has been approved.

How to Withdraw Money in Picoworkers

Have you done everything the employer asked you to do ? Of course you will get rewarded, gang. It’s just that you have to understand a number of conditions.

For example, the minimum balance that can be obtained is about 5.67 US dollars. If you have reached that number, you can make payments using Litecoin with a 6% discount, Skrill 7%, and a Paypal account at 7%.

If you already understand, here are the steps on how to withdraw money at Picoworkers Indonesia!

  • Enter the Wallet menu .
  • Select Withdraw .
  • Klik menu Request Withdrawal.
  • Under the type of payment method, select Paypal, Litecoin, or Skrill.
  • Fill in the requested data.
  • Click Submit .

You need to remember that the process of withdrawing or disbursing this data takes a long time, which is about 10 days. So you have to be patient, okay?

Picoworkers Indonesia Safe to Use & Proven to Pay?

Although until now the application is not yet available on the Play Store for you to download , according to Jaka’s search, Picoworkers can be said to have been proven to pay, gang.

This can be seen from the many testimonials of users who share their experiences on the internet when receiving salaries through the platform . In addition, not a few well -known influencers are also promoting this website.

Regarding security, so far no users have felt aggrieved. This site can also be categorized as safe. But of course you have to do the job honestly, yes. If proven cheating, your account can be banned at any time.

But still, ApkVenue must warn you about the risks of using money-making applications. If you are asked to transfer some funds first, then you have to be careful.

The final word

Who would have thought, now looking for additional income from the internet is getting easier with the presence of the 2022 money-making Picoworkers , gang. So anyone can get a salary in dollars even without certain skills or educational degrees.

Even so, you still have to be wiser and careful in using any surprise money application that claims to be able to give you income, yes, gang. The reason is, now there are so many cases of fraud that carry the appendage of this kind of application.

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