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Ojol The Game Mod Apk Ojol The Game Mod Apk

Ojol The Game Mod Apk

MOD 2.1.3 (Latest)

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June 20, 2022
MOD 2.1.3 (Latest)
Android 5.0 and higher
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Ojol The Game MOD APK is an Android game that is very popular among Indonesian gamers . Offering a unique gameplay , you will play as an ojol driver .

Through this game, you will be assigned to carry out activities for online motorcycle taxi drivers, such as finding passengers and delivering food.

Because of its unusual premise, many people have downloaded the Ojol The Game APK, friends. In fact, there are also those who download the MOD menu with superior features such as unlimited money to make the game even more fun.

If you are curious and want to try out the gameplay which is similar to the Angkot d Game , you can see ApkVenue’s article to get the download link for the newest Ojol The Game 2022 which has unlimited money here. However, use the modified version as a trial only because it is illegal and dangerous.

What is Ojol The Game MOD?

Ojol The Game Mod Apk Unlimited Energy 6c630

Photo source: Play Store – Android game review Ojol The Game MOD APK

Ojol The Game is an Android simulation game made by the developer CodeXplore which is quite popular in Indonesia because of its gameplay related to Indonesian society.

The reason is, in this game you will play as an ojol driver who is busy doing his daily routine, namely finding and executing orders.

Apart from earning income, you also have to try to become the best ojol driver by getting high ratings from customers who order your services.

To make your work easier, you can also upgrade your items, such as motorbikes and cellphones so that incoming orders can be completed more easily and quickly.

Yes, the concept in Ojek Online The Game MOD APK is actually similar to Bus Simulator Indonesia (BUSSID) which requires you to take passengers to their destination quickly and safely.

So, if you want the game to be easier, you can download the latest version of the 2022 game Ojol The Game MOD Unlimited Money . Guaranteed to be more exciting!

Download Ojol The Game MOD APK 2022

Do you want to be the best ojol driver who always gets a high rating? If so, download this game now and immediately complete all orders!

DetailOjol The Game
OS minimalAndroid 5.0 and higher
New version2.1.3 ( Latest )

The following is the download link for Ojol The Game MOD APK , the new version , the old version, and the original that you can download with a variety of interesting features that you can enjoy. Please choose the version you want, friends!

How to Install Ojol The Game MOD APK

To install the game Ojol The Game MOD APK version 2.0.0 or the latest, it’s not difficult, friends. You just follow the steps below.

  1. Delete the previous version of Ojol The Game if any.
  2. Go to HP Settings > Security & enable Allow from Unknown Sources .
  3. Download the APK file that ApkVenue has provided above.
  4. Click the Ojol The Game APK file and install it on the device (Click ‘Allow from this source’ if asked).
  5. Wait until the installation process is complete.

Differences Ojol The Original Game & MOD

Game Ojol The Latest Game 2022 Ab67c

Photo source: Play Store – A mobile game about online motorcycle taxis on Androird

Because it is a modified version, of course the MOD version will feel a little different than the original version. Then what are these differences?

Ojol The Original GameOjol The Game MOD APK
Unlimited coins.Unlimited coins.
Unlimited money.Unlimited money.
Limited energy.Unlimited energy.
Limited fuel.Unlimited fuel.
Locked items.Open items.

Main Features of Ojol The Game MOD Version

Game Ojol The Game Mod 75cdf

Photo source: Play Store – Best MOD APK Ojol The Game brings superior features that are interesting to play

When compared to the official version available on the Play Store, the MOD version is of course superior because it has features that are not available in the original version. Anything?

1. Unlimited Coins

Coins are the most difficult items to get in this game because you can only get them by topping up with real money.

Fortunately, you don’t need to spend money to top up the game because this MOD version features Unlimited Coins that can be used to buy various items.

2. Unlimited Money

As an ojol, you have to look for passengers and take orders. After completing them, you will receive money in return. Use this money to upgrade and buy items.

However, by downloading this Ojek Online The Game MOD APK, you will immediately get unlimited amounts of money thanks to the presence of the Unlimited Money feature.

3. Unlimited Energy

Just like in real life, the character you play in this game also has an energy limit that will decrease if you continue to do activities.

However, take it easy! In Ojol The Game MOD APK Unlimited Energy , the energy you have will not run out so you can play more freely.

4. Unlimited Fuel

Fuel bahar gasoline also must be considered. Do not let the motorbike you are driving suddenly die and cannot run while the order is in progress.

For that, make sure your gasoline is fully charged by refilling it. If you want something instant, the MOD version of this best Android game can be the solution.

5. All Unlocked

In this game, there are various items that can be used, from cell phones, motorcycles, helmets, to jackets. Each item is locked and must be purchased if in its original version.

Interestingly, all the items in the MOD version are automatically unlocked and you can use them right away. Just choose your favorite item and use it during your activities!

Danger Download MOD APK

Ojol The Game MOD APK unillimite coins is a modified version developed by a third party making it illegal and dangerous. There are a number of risks that lie to your users if you download this version, including the following.

  • Contains malware : Sometimes, not a few applications made by third parties carry a number of malware in the form of viruses that have the potential to damage the device. In fact, the virus can also be an intermediary that steals all data .
  • Permanent account blocking : The account that you use is also at risk of being banned by the original developer when it finds out that one of its users is using the MOD version. No half-hearted, you can be banned from using the application forever.
  • Harming the original developer : The developer may lose revenue from the copyright he has made because the application is hijacked by an irresponsible party.

Seeing the risks that exist, ApkVenue recommends that you be careful when using it, yes. If possible, we recommend using the official version to keep your device and data safe.

You can download the original version for free on the Play Store and Apps Store. In-app purchases are optional and reasonably priced.

The final word

Are you ready to become an ojol brother by downloading Ojol The Game latest version 2022 from ApkVenue? If you play this game , ApkVenue guarantees that you will feel what is called the “gacor pull” every day, you know.

Besides that, the gameplay is also fun so it can keep you entertained. So, what are you waiting for! Come on, download the game by playing using the original version so that your device and data are safe.

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