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Playing free fire games is one of the activities that many battle royale game lovers do.

Free fire is a shooting game developed by Garena. This game has very exciting gameplay and you can play with friends or mabar.

Although some people think this game is easy to beat, in reality it is very difficult.

There are so many excellent features that you can get, but to be able to get certain features, you have to be able to buy them using diamonds.

You can get diamonds by top up and spending some money. However, for those of you who don’t want to be complicated, we provide the Nicoo Apk that can be used right now.

Nicoo Apk FF is one of the cheat applications that is widely used by FF players. The application offers a lot of conveniences that you can use for free.

In addition, there are many bundles or other ff items that can be claimed without having to top up diamonds.

Therefore, if you want to use the nico apk, we will provide a detailed explanation for you to try. Please see the explanation as follows.

One of them is to use the  Nicoo Apk , which is a modified application. This application is specifically for Free Fire players with all the interesting features.

The emergence of this application, makes many FF players who want to get it to be able to have skins for free.

Then Nicoo FF itself is a design or modification from a third party. The application was deliberately created to make FF players easily win.

Not only that, the application helps FF players look cool, because in this application players can get attractive skins for free.

The presence of this application immediately received a lively reception by the FF players.

This is because they can get a lot of features until they win. So, players can get the opportunity to become a top player with a myriad of interesting skins in it.

Let’s Know Interesting Features of Nicoo Free Fire

It can be said that the application is a kind of cheat that is able to present interesting features and can add to the excitement and fun of playing. Are you curious about what interesting features it has? Please see the following explanation.

1. Anti Banned / Block Features

The first feature is that Nicoo Free Fire is very safe to use, because this feature aims to provide a sense of security and comfort for every user. You should also underline that this feature is very important when you are going to download an application.

If a mod apk does not provide security guarantees for its users, then please be vigilant, because your account could be hacked considering that currently it is very vulnerable to cases of data burglary carried out by a group of irresponsible people.

2. Weapon Skin Features

One of the reasons the mod apk is being hunted is because of the availability of the weapon skin feature, and being the flagship of the apk. The advantage you will get is that you don’t have to bother to spend some money when you want a skin, because now you can have it for free.

There are various choices of weapons that you can get for free and easily, so the opportunity to achieve maximum results is very open. For an illustration, you can use the apk when you want weapon skins from the Free Fire game, such as:

AN – 94 Spiky Spine

You can get the best weapon skins by using the mod apk, and its ability can’t be doubted. For this type of skin, players are most interested in this one, and of course you can get it for free without having to pay a penny or even use diamonds.

The weapon is equipped with a high capacity rate of fire with a damage scale that is no less large. The use of these weapons is usually in slow mode, and you can use their abilities to hit the enemy to the maximum.

P90 – Executor

There are two new types of weapon skins, namely P90 Money Heist and P90 Executor. Well, for the type of weapon skins from the P90 Executor, additional power-damage is found, for example, although the rate of fire has similarities. Of course, the power you play will increase.


When compared to other weapon skins, this skin does not provide maximum results, meaning that an additional optimal buff is needed so that the performance of it is more stable and good.

Thompson Time Traveller

Then this weapon skin is also equipped with a capable rate of fire capability, so it is ideal to accompany your fight. However, the drawbacks of this weapon skin are that it is not appropriate for war from a distance. But you can also stabilize it because there are two buffs, so the results can be maximized even for remote use.

MP40 Flashing Spade Skin

This MP40 weapon skin looks cool and interesting, you can get it using the mod apk from Nicoo Free Fire. His abilities are also very capable, especially during close combat. Its use is also ideal for hitting close-range enemies.

Aug Cyber Bounty Hunter

Furthermore, if you want to play in any mode or flexible, then this one weapon is the right choice, because it is very effectively used in various battle modes, especially to paralyze the enemy.

XM8 Evil Pumpkin

The last weapon skin is the XM8 Evil Pumpkin which was released during the Halloween event, and includes the most terrible, frightening and fear-inducing weapon in the Free Fire game. You will be more effective when shooting at enemies, because there are two red of fire buffs in the accuracy section and a reduction in the speed reload section.

3. Parachute Features

Furthermore, in addition to skins from weapons here you can also have various types of parachutes as desired for free. Although in the tempo of its use it can only be used once, but it is very important in this Free Fire game.

4. Skateboard Features

Another interesting item that you can have is a Skateboard with a different appearance which will certainly produce an extraordinary impression compared to the original version. Here you can use it according to your wishes and needs in the game.

Above were some collections of interesting features owned by the Nicoo Free Fire mod apk, with the presence of this apk, of course, it can improve the quality of the game and can get other items that are no less interesting such as masks, costumes, vehicles, grenades, and others.

Some of the Advantages of the Nicoo Free Fire Application

Then in addition to having interesting features, the mod application is also equipped with advantages including:

1. Light Size Files

The light file size will certainly not hamper the system performance of the smartphone you have, and all people can easily own and benefit from the availability of its attractive features.

2. Free to Choose Characters

In addition to having various and capable weapon skin items, this mod apk also provides many characters that you can choose as you wish, so that later your game will be more excited and get booyah.

3. Save Cost

You need to understand that to be able to have various items in the FF game, the player must pay a certain fee, and of course it will affect the cost of daily expenses. Thanks to the Nicoo Free Fire application, you can get everything for free.

Just try to compare it to being able to have items in the Free Fire game by way of top-up, of course, in order to get diamonds 5 to 355, a fee of Rp. 1000 to Rp. 50,000 is required. So it is certain that the more diamonds needed, the greater the costs incurred.

4. Quality Games

Finally, the more collections of weapon skins provided along with the completeness of the characters and their skills, the more fun the Free Fire game will be, let alone playing in a mabar squad with friends, of course it’s fun, isn’t it?

Here’s the Download Link and How to Install the Nicoo Free Fire Apk

For you, don’t wait any longer so that you can immediately feel the extraordinary sensation of this Nicoo Free Fire mod apk, here’s the download link. 

App NameNicoo Free Fire
Size15 MB

Here, as you already know, this mod apk is unofficial and not available on the Google Play Store service, so the installation stage is different from other applications that can be downloaded via the Play Store on smartphones.

Here are the installation steps, make sure you follow the process so that the mod apk can be installed properly and you can use it.

  • The first step, please open the File Manager on your smartphone menu.
  • Then look for the file that you downloaded via the link above in the File Storage / Download menu.
  • Then you can also directly click on the file.
  • Next, a notification will appear from the installation process or from Unknown Sources.
  • The point is you only need to give the installation permission of the apk.
  • Wait a few moments in the installation process.
  • If successful, the mod apk can be installed automatically and you can use it.
  • Good luck.

How to Use the Nicoo Free Fire Apk Safely and Correctly

Once again, we are here to remind you lovers of online games, especially Free Fire who are pursuing targets, teams, or other ambitions, so make sure you have lots of sources and information that you have read. The more you swallow the information, the more likely you are to get maximum results, or fail many times, because everything has rules and how to use it.

Before using this cheat application, make sure you have successfully downloaded and installed the application. If it is successful then it is necessary to know how to use it, such as the points below:

  1. The first way, please open the application on a smartphone device.
  2. Then select the Start menu to run the FF game.
  3. Next please select the button with Logo N and click.
  4. Once done, several Skins and Bundles will appear, and please choose them.
  5. Finally make sure you Unlock Bundle
  6. Good luck and good luck.

How Safe Is the Nicoo Free Fire Application When Used?

Here you have to know very well the level of security of the Nicoo Free Firee modification application which is booming lately, especially among the Free Fire game. You need to note that this type of cheat application needs to be acknowledged that it always provides many advantages and opens easy access to the game.

But behind all that third-party developers do not provide full guarantees for their users, meaning that you can just use the application provided you have to be ready to accept the risks that exist, as for the advantages it has that are bonuses and charms.

We all know that from the official side of the Free Fire (Garena) game, they often take quick actions, such as blocking an account deemed to have violated the rules, and many more. It also does this regularly to ensure conduciveness for all its fans. Especially if caught using a cheat application from a third party.

The existence of an anti-ban/blocking feature in the mod application does not mean that you are completely safe, because that is the kind of apk developed from a third party. So from that, one form of anticipation of getting banned from Garena, you are required to be wise and ready to accept the risks.

This is the risk of using the Nicoo Free Fire Mod Apk

With its unofficial/illegal status, the Nicoo Free Fire application has several risks that will have an impact on its users. For that, when you want to download the application, it would be nice if you refer to this important explanation:

Vulnerable to Banned / Blocked

Garena’s official party certainly has full responsibility in monitoring the application. This means that the use of this kind of cheat application is very vulnerable to getting banned from the first party, because it is often monitored regularly so that players can run the game fairly.

Can Be Affected by Malware Virus

Being attacked by a virus or some kind of dangerous malware on a smartphone device is certainly possible, because the unofficiality developed by a third party allows this kind of risk to occur, because the link is special and not generally consumed by the public.

Advertisement Appearance

The appearance of various advertisements when downloading certain applications is certainly very annoying, right? therefore if you want to avoid various advertisements that are not clear, please avoid installing this cheat mod apk.

Can Data Leak

Data leakage is certainly a very dangerous thing if it happens because later it can cause big losses. For this reason, one of the right steps to prevent data leakage is to make sure that you don’t install just any application, unless it’s legal and commonly used.

Violating the Official Rules and Disadvantaging the First Party

Finally, of course, having a mod application like this will have a big impact on the main party. For example, here you subscribe to the official apk and are required to pay a certain fee such as diamond fresh to get the items it provides.

But from a third-party application suddenly presents a feature that can have items for free. Of course things like that can harm the official / first party when viewed from a business or commercial point of view due to the absence of mutual benefit (Feed Back). Then also this cheat type apk violates copyright / plagiarism.

Know How to Safely Use the Nicoo Free Fire Mod Apk

The lack of security guarantees given to each user is a strong consideration not to download it, let alone to use it. Most applications available today are not able to provide complete guarantees, especially in terms of security.

Here we will convey information about safe tips for using modified applications from Nicoo Free Fire, here are the points:

Use Applications Wisely and Necessarily

The first point is if you are interested and still want to use the Nicoo Free Fire mod application but don’t want to accept the risk, then the solution is for you to use it with notes as necessary or not excessive, so as not to be suspected, considering that the official Garena often performs periodic updating or monitoring.

Use Another Account / Suggestion

The second solution point so as not to get banned on the first account, please use a second or other account, this way it can be ensured to be safe from things that can harm.

Join the Official Event from Garena

Then if the first reason you want to have this mod apk is because of the availability of various and free items, then for the alternative way you have to often follow events that are often organized by the official Garena. Later there will be various types of prizes that will be distributed such as free skins, diamonds, and others.

Do Periodic Updating

Finally, for an apk like this one, it is different from other applications, because there are no notifications or notifications regarding the latest updates. For that, please check so that you can update it regularly.

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