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Virtual pet games can be an option for various groups in their spare time. Like the cute pet casual game called My Talking Angela 2 MOD APK that ApkVenue recommends.

My Talking Angela 2 is a virtual pet game that is fun to play and has lots of interesting features. Inside, there are mini games that are also fun .

Don’t worry, you won’t bother completing the missions in this game, really. My Talking Angela 2 has very simple missions.

Plus, by using the My Talking Angela 2 MOD APK Unlocked Everything version , you will get access to all the content for free. However, you must understand the risks, namely banned accounts and malware .

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Following the success of the first game, Outfit7 Limited is now releasing a sequel to Talking Angela which has a fresher and more unique gameplay.

Unlike My Talking Angela where we can only talk and interact in a limited way, now there are many new activities that can be done with Angela.

For example, you can invite Angela to decorate the house, shop for new clothes, and even take a walk in the city. Angela will accompany you like a fun virtual friend.

Oh yes, in My Talking Angela 2 MOD APK, you also need to take care of Angela like a real cat, you know. There are times when he will feel hungry, so you need to feed him.

The better you take care of Angela, the higher Angela’s sympathy and points will be. That way, you can unlock new fun content and mini-games!

But, if you want it easier, you can play My Talking Angela 2 MOD APK Unlocked Everything which will give you unlimited money and unlock all locked items. Try it!

What is My Talking Angela 2 Mod Apk ?

This is what was launched by a developer called Outfit7 Limited which was later modified by a third party so that there will be lots of very profitable features in it, including unlimited money.

In the unlimited money feature, of course you can do many very exciting activities that make Angela more beautiful, for example, buying clothes for her by taking her shopping to the city.

A myriad of very exciting activities are ready to be played, so are you interested in this one application? If you are really interested, then you can just download the apk on the link that we have provided below, guys.

Download My Talking Angela 2 Mod Apk

Please download the apk on the link we have prepared, guys.

App NameMy Talking Angela 2 Mod
File Size133 MB
DeveloperOutfit7 Limited
OS Android5.0+
Update1 Day Ago

Well, because this apk is an application developed by a third party, then you can just install it by activating settings from unknown sources, the following guys.

Cara Install My Talking Angela 2 Mod

As for how to install the apk, just check below, guys

  1. The first step then you have to download the apk via the link above.
  2. If it’s finished, then just go to the “Settings” or “Settings” menu.
  3. Then select the “Security” or “Security” option.
  4. Then select the option “Unknown Sources” or “Unknown Sources”
  5. If you have just checked the small box to activate the settings.
  6. Continue by returning to the application and clicking “Install”.
  7. Wait until the installation is complete.

Up here, you have successfully installed the apk and now you are ready to play it, but before that you should know what are the features in it, guys.

Fitur My Talking Angela 2 Mod

There are many features that you can get when you play this very cute cat game, guys, including the following.

1.Doing Fun Activities

Every day you can do very exciting activities in the game, for example giving Angela food, drinking and taking good care of her. You can even chat with each other so that the atmosphere is not boring.

When you talk to her, Angela will respond to the sound and will respond like a real animal that can talk, how about guys? very cool isn’t it? With activities like that, of course, you will be very exciting when playing it.

2. Become the Best Virtual Friend

Every day, whether you want to or not, until you wake up, Angela is ready to accompany you so that you always have to be close to the cellphone that has this game application, that way Angela can stay with you and be the best virtual friend, guys.

3. There is a Unique Game Inside

In the application, Angela can also do very cool activities such as singing, dancing and others. The activities in it will of course make you more exciting when playing the game.

Try asking Angela to sing, then she will cheer you up and this can make your days more colorful with her presence.

4. Shop and Dress Up

To make Angela look more beautiful, then you can take her shopping and dress up. Angela will look beautiful and maximal with the new clothes she has, even interestingly you can change Angela’s clothes at any time and it will make her appearance always excited.

When Angela’s appearance becomes more beautiful, then you will feel the excitement of having very close friends and can be arranged according to your wishes.

5. Can Decorate Your Home

Another interesting activity is the presence of home decoration features that can make you more exciting to beautify Angela’s house. Please decorate with him and make him more comfortable and safe at home.

In order for Angela’s house to be more beautiful, then you can make a room in her house with a choice of different themes, with different themes, this will create a different atmosphere, guys.

6. Unlimited Money

The next feature that players are looking forward to is the unlimited money feature. With this feature, you can buy all the items in the game for free and you don’t need to top up the game.

You can use the money in it to decorate your house, buy clothes, go shopping and others that make Angela’s activities more exciting.

Well, those are the features in the game that will certainly make you more exciting when playing it, how about you guys? Are you ready to raise and make Angela’s cat your best friend? If you are ready, then you just have to play the game and log in every day to do a lot of activities every day.

Is My Talking Angela 2 Mod Safe?

In the modified application, we think it is not very safe so you need to be careful when playing it, there are several things that are usually inserted in the application including malware or viruses that will damage the performance of your smartphone, data theft on the smartphone to the account used by the user. you are banned, so these 3 things will usually be in applications launched by third parties.

So that you are safe when playing it, just be careful, guys and if there is something suspicious, you can immediately uninstall the apk.

The final word

We think that’s all that can be explained about My Talking Angela 2 Mod, by playing this one game, you will no longer be alone because you can get a true friend, namely in Angela. Let’s play now and take good care of him, guys.