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October 18, 2022
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MPL Pro APK is a money-making application that netizens are talking about. Just by playing popular light games , you can earn extra pocket money!

MPL aka Mobile Premier League is India’s largest e-sports and mobile gaming platform . Along with the growth of its business, MPL had spread its wings in Indonesia.

But for some reason, MPL Indonesia had to give up and close its branch here. In fact, according to netizens’ testimonials, this platform is proven to pay off, you know.

On the other hand, MPL Pro APK is still circulating on a number of APK provider platforms. You may be curious, this application could still work and pay if we use it. To prove it, read Jaka’s article below, OK!

Mobile Premier League (MPL) Brief Review

Mobile Premier League (MPL) is an e-sports and mobile gaming platform from India. With a collection of more than 60 games , this platform promises additional income for loyal players of their games .

There are fantasy sports genre games , card games , arcade games, puzzle games, action games , and many more. Popular games include Rummy, Chess, Fantasy Cricket, Fruit Chop, 8 ball Pool, and Carrom.

Its users in India have reached 19 million people. Due to its rapid development, MPL has expanded their business in the Indonesian market in 2019.

However, it is stated that business growth in Indonesia is not in line with expectations. In fact, they have invested a lot, including hiring Baim Wong as a brand ambassador .

They laid off 100 employees in Indonesia and officially closed their offices here. Since May 30, 2022, MPL has stopped serving Indonesia’s operational areas. Now, MPL focuses on developing its business in India and the United States.

What we will discuss is the MPL Pro app , which is available on third- party app and game download platforms . Even though it’s closed in Indonesia, but maybe you’re curious, this application could still work and make money .

Oh yes, how to get money in this application is quite easy. You simply register a cellphone number and play games with diamonds and tokens. You can get these two items by buying them first.

If you win in a game room , you can get a certain amount of diamonds or tokens. These two items can be exchanged for GoPay and LinkAja balances.

Link Download MPL Pro APK 2022 Android dan iOS

ApkVenue will insert the MPL Pro APK download link for Android and iOS. For the Android version, only applications from third-party sources are available, while for iOS, they are still available in the Apps Store. Here are the details.

DetailMPL Pro APK
Release date2019
PlatformAndroid, iOS
Minimal OSAndroid 2.3

iOS 11

How to Install the Latest MPL Pro APK

If you download the iOS version of MPL Pro APK , the application will be automatically installed on your cellphone. But, if you download the Android version, you have to install this application manually. Check out the instructions below.

  1. Download MPL Pro APK Premium from the link above
  2. Remove previous version (if any)
  3. Go to HP Settings > Security
  4. Enable Install Permission from Unknown Sources
  5. Click the file and select Install
  6. Wait until the installation process is complete

Main Features of Mobile Premier League APK

Photo source: MPL Pro APK has a myriad of excellent features – MPL Live

MPL Pro APK has various advantages over other money-making applications . Moreover, this platform is indeed managed by a company that is registered and officially licensed. Let’s take a look at the features of this MPL.

  • Earn money from 60+ popular games
  • 7 game categories available
  • Real time competition
  • Daily bonuses and referral bonuses are available
  • No minimum withdrawal
  • Supports GoPay and LinkAja

How to Register and Earn Money in MPL Pro APK

Photo source: MPL using gaming system by exchanging diamonds – MPL Live

It’s time for us to try to register and make money in MPL Pro APK . To get started, you can follow these short steps.

1. List of MPL

You just open the application and enter your cellphone number to register. Input the OTP code sent to your cellphone number and you will be automatically directed to the home page .

2. Start Playing

From here, you can start playing 60+ games with diamonds and tokens. Each game requires a different diamond or token capital. Later, the prize is also in the form of diamonds in larger quantities.

For example, in the game Fruit Chop , there is a tournament with a capacity of 1,000 users which is rewarded with 3,000 diamonds. You won’t get all the diamonds, but you can get the biggest amount. You will know the amount when you finish playing.

These tournaments last for hours, varying depending on the status of the tournament itself. Make sure you play it according to a schedule so you don’t miss out on other users.

3. Get Diamonds

When you start, your diamond stock is still zero. You can top up diamonds or invite friends in exchange for diamonds. Find this option in the Profile section . Check out the full instructions below.

  1. Open the MPL application, go to the Profile menu
  2. Click Top Up Diamond
  3. Specify the number of diamonds and choose the payment method
  4. Make payment
  5. Wait for the diamonds to enter your account

How to Disburse Diamonds MPL Pro APK So GoPay and LinkAja Balances

Photo source: You can withdraw your MPL Pro APK balance to GoPay and LinkAja

If your diamonds have been collected, you can withdraw your MPL Pro Indonesia balance via GoPay and LinkAja.

Oh yes, one diamond is worth Rp. 100, yes. There is no minimum withdrawal from this app. However, there is a 6% withdrawal fee of the amount of diamonds you exchange. Just take a look at the following instructions.

  1. Open the MPL app
  2. Enter the profile menu
  3. Click Withdraw in the diamond section
  4. Connect MPL with your GoPay or LinkAja account
  5. Enter the number of diamonds you want to melt
  6. Wait for the balance to enter your e -wallet

Is MPL Pro APK Proven to Pay?

As Jaka emphasized above, MPL has not operated in Indonesia since four months ago. That is, if you try to use this application, you may experience errors or be able to play the game but get no reward.

Jaka tried to install and register MPL Pro APK , but was stuck until the HP number registration stage. If you are curious, you can try it yourself.

When MPL was still operating, netizens said this application really paid off. This application was also reviewed on the MiawAug gamer YouTube account three years ago. He said, MPL is really paying. Please check the video below.

Jaka can conclude, MPL is officially proven to pay users who play games on their application. However, since their official service in Indonesia has stopped, MPL shouldn’t be paying anything to users at this time.

The final word

That’s Jaka’s review of MPL Pro APK , starting from a brief review, how to install it, to how to get money in MPL. Remember, MPL has stopped operating in Indonesia, so it should no longer pay users in this region!

But, if you are curious and want to try it, you can follow the methods that Jaka mentioned above. Be careful, do not provide personal information because your data could be hacked.

Jaka also does not recommend that you make transactions before you get proof of this application paying a reasonable amount. Don’t be fooled, okay?