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Almost all game lovers know about Mobile Legends. The game is very popular and loved by various groups. You can download Mobile Legends or ML Mod Apk for free on Google Playstore or App Store.

Mobile legends offers very interesting gameplay and allows you to play together or Mabar with friends because this game offers a 5v5 concept.

Mobile legends was developed by Moonton, and includes the most played MOBA game by all game lovers around the world. Until now, ML is one of the games with the highest number of active players.

In addition, in terms of features, Mobile legends offers a lot of advanced features. And you can use it for free. The main tool in this game is diamond, which you can get by top up.

With diamonds you can buy all the necessities in the game. Such as items, hero skins and many others.

However, not all players can do the same, so if you don’t want to spend money, we recommend ML Mod APK, which you can try and download right now. To find out more details, please see the explanation as follows.

What is ML Mod Apk?

You need to know that ML Mod Apk Unlimited Diamond is a Mobile Legends game that has been modified by a third party to provide easy access and shortcuts for all fans when they want a premium item and whatever it is with shortcuts, practical, and free.

It can be said that the gameplay between the mod apk version and the original version is almost the same, it’s just that the difference is in terms of features. For the mod apk version, of course, it is much more interesting and sophisticated when compared to the official version of ML. So it’s no wonder the latest version is a favorite and the target of all players.

But did you know that this mod apk version can be said to be a kind of cheat which in terms of advantages is certainly far above the average of the original version, so the game is considered very easy. Later you will be given shortcuts and convenience when fighting against other players.

It can be concluded that ML Mod Apk comes with the latest feature innovations that can make the game much more fun and easier. Curious about the superior advanced features of the mod apk version? Here we convey the points below.

ML Mod Apk Featured Features

The most basic reason why the ML Mod Apk version is hunted by many players is because of the advanced features that give each player access to have important items in the game. For more details, we convey the following:

1. Anti Banned

The first feature is that it allows users to be free from the threat of blocking from official parties related to its existence which is often used by many players. As it is known that for the latest version released by a third party, this application is a type of cheat which certainly provides convenience in every battle.

However, we also remind you that you should use it wisely because a big risk could come to you considering that this mod apk is made by an outside party who deliberately offers a shortcut for the Mobile Legends player.

2. MAP Hack

Map Hack is a feature that you will only find in the modified version. Most players claim that this feature is a Radar Map which is useful for finding out the whereabouts of enemies and providing information on a small map display in its use.

The vision of each player will be much wider later and there will be no such thing as blindness, because all enemy movements can be detected easily. So if you take advantage of the features of the latest version for Role Jungle or XP items, it can be done quickly. How interesting isn’t it?

3. Unlimited Diamonds available

In general, if players want to get a large collection of Diamonds, of course they are required to top up first, either using game vouchers or also via credit. Apart from that, usually for gems you can earn by taking part in a number of offline events and from redeem code giveaways and other methods.

But believe it or not, if you use the latest ML Mod Apk, things like top ups and the like don’t apply. Because the Diamond will automatically be filled and you can use it immediately. Even if it is calculated the number is very large and unlimited. That’s why this advanced flagship feature is worth considering.

4. There is an Unlock All Skin Hero feature available

Have you ever top up in the Mobile Legends game to be able to have various interesting skins? If you have, of course it’s natural because what you are using is the original version of ML. Now you don’t need to do that anymore which is obviously very draining in terms of your finances, especially to the point that buying starlight members on the Dana.ID/Games platform is really a waste, you know!. Now all you have to do is take advantage of the latest version to unlock all VIP skin types.

Download Link ML Mod Apk Unlock Latest Skin

Now for those of you who are impatient and curious to feel the sensation of playing incomparable, here we will share the download link along with the specifications for its use on the device. Please pay attention to the following explanation>

App NameMobile Legends MOD Apk
Version1.5.8.8 Update September 2021
minimal OSAndroid 4.4+ and iOS RAM minimum 4 GB Kitkat
Number of Downloads100.000.000++
File Size108 MB

For the download link, please click below:

Make sure you are supported by a super-fast internet connection to make the download process smooth, because if the connection is bad, the file could be Error and File Corrupt.

How to Install ML Mod Apk on All Devices

In the installation process, of course, there are slight differences from the applications that you generally get on the Google Play Store service. Therefore, we make sure you follow the steps below:

  • The first step is to make sure you first download the ML Mod Apk with the link we have shared above.
  • If it has been successfully downloaded, make sure you know where the downloaded file is stored on each device.
  • Before you install, please activate it first by going to Settings – Security – and Privacy .
  • Next, please check the box that says Unknown Sources .
  • If you have done it, just do the installation by clicking Install .
  • Wait for the process until it is completely successfully installed.
  • Good luck and enjoy the fun.

Those are some steps that you must follow if you are interested in using the mod version of the Mobile Legends game. For those of you who are new, of course you feel something is strange, but that’s the process if a game is designed as a result of modification.

Make sure when using it you don’t participate in official league events, because it’s clearly violating and considered cheating, so it’s likely that you will be reported and your account banned.

The following are the differences between the ML Mod Apk features and the original version?

You need to remember here that between the ML Mod Apk and the original ML, there is clearly a very clear difference in terms of use. So it is important that you know it in detail to be used as reference material or mere knowledge. Here are the differences between the two:

1. Mobile Legends Original

  • Diamonds are generated from Top Up or must be paid.
  • Hero must be purchased.
  • Skins must be purchased and obtained from certain events.
  • Battle Points (BP) must sell existing Heroes.
  • Must Upgrade Emblem to old max level – no Magic Dust.
  • At the Mythic point required Push Rank.
  • Then for Achievement it is still closed.
  • Getting Banned is unlikely.
  • Anti Hack Features.

2. Mobile Legends Mod Apk

  • For Diamond 9999 unlimited (Unlimited).
  • For Hero Unlock all costs are free.
  • Can open all skins directly and free to use.
  • BP (Battle Points) for free.
  • Only Upgrade Emblems to the highest max level.
  • No Push Rank is required because it is Mythical Glory.
  • All achievements or awards are open for access.
  • Most likely Banned.
  • Additional Hack features are provided.

ML Mod Apk + Hack Radar Map + OBB

Furthermore, here are some other modifications to the Mobile Legends game with a myriad of new features that will make the game feel fun and interesting. Later you will face real enemies scattered from various servers around the world. But it is also equipped with an OBB file that you can download and install directly in the storage folder.

1. ML Apk Mod Version 1

Here are the features it has for version 1, as follows:

a. Radar (Map Transparent)

Know that even though the enemy is very far away, you will be able to detect it, even to see it. Things like this are ideal for those of you who like to play Blind Map. Later you will also not get hit by enemy ganks, because all enemies in the bush will be clearly visible on the map or Land of Down.

b. One Hit Kill

With just one touch and attack, you can directly Wipe Out even though the item is not optimal and is considered Early Game, but still one hit will die.

c. Thick Blood (Anti Dead)

It can be claimed that the latest version of ML Mod Apk is like God, because it is able to survive enemy attacks so it is strong and anti-death. Especially even if you do a Push Turret whose damage will not be severe.

2. ML Apk Mod Version 2

Apart from the first version you can also enjoy the second version of Mobile Legends modified version v1.5.88 with the following points:

a. High Vision

Land of Down or vision from above is very appropriate for heroes with the type of ambush.

b. Mod Menu

In terms of appearance, the menu is lined down which you can close and open, and the activation method is certainly very easy because you just scroll left and right.

c. 100K Gratis Gold

This is the first time you can use Battle Points to purchase the following Hero with Diamonds with the exact same total amount.

d. Win Fast

Can win quickly without taking long, so you can easily raise the highest rank in the ML game.

e. Lose Fast

You can also end the fight right away without having a collection of items first.

f. Drone View

Can be hacked to make the map visible with a high point of view, so that it is able to accurately determine the movement of existing opponents.

g. Map Hack

This is almost the same as the Radar map, because enemies approaching from various directions can be easily detected. It aims to avoid the opponent’s attack.

h. Sever Change

Can change direction regarding the desired server, but no one has tried it yet, so it is feared that there will be bugs in its use.

i. Unlock Skin

You can also access all the skins available in the game, moreover you can use them in playing without having to pay anything. This is once again free for you to access, because it’s basically already available automatically.

j. Hack MLBB Mod

You will easily track enemy movements even if you hide in the grass. It looks like a box line consisting of ESP Line, ESP Distance, and ESP Box.

k. Unlimited Mana

Mana itself will never run out for you to continue to get, and you can also activate the feature to balance it with No Cooldown.

l. No Cooldown

When using skills, of course there will be no Cooldown. This means that you can use the skills of the Hero as much as you want while the battle is in progress.

m. Unlimited Diamond dan Coin

BP or Battle Points with Diamonds totaling 99999 there is no limit that you can buy skinny starting from Magic Dust, Emblems, and others.

This is the advantage of ML Mod Apk

Although this ML Mod Apk is very risky in its use, but you should consider again regarding the superior features it has, because you will absolutely not feel the excitement of playing in the official version. Here are some of the advantages it has:

  • The first has specifications that look much different when compared to the original version.
  • Has a file size capacity that seems light so that it can be accessed for all types of Smartphone devices with low specs.
  • Equipped with complete features that are attractive and sophisticated.
  • Can automatically generate complete items with a maximum level even though the Hero or Account level is still low and hasn’t increased yet.
  • For No Cooldown – Auto Win skill.
  • Unlimited Diamond features and free skins are available.

ML Security Level Mod Apk

As we have explained that ML Mod Apk is a game application developed by a third party, so in terms of legality it does not have official permission from related parties. So it can be concluded that its use does not fully guarantee security for every player.

Especially if it is noticed that there are parties who are harmed, namely the official developer of Mobile Legends itself or Moonton, which should have benefited from a number of purchases made by players, now losing due to innovations from third parties related to advanced features.

Although basically not all modified applications are really dangerous, such as being vulnerable to being infiltrated by malware viruses and the like, security and comfort when playing are the main things that you should pay attention to. Finally, we say be wise in its use.

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