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9 September 2022
Android 5.0
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Lucky Market has become one of the most sought after games in recent times. You see, this game is said to be able to make money.

Gardening games are fun to play to fill spare time. It feels like we have a real garden with a variety of plants.

In Lucky Market , you will be a virtual farmer who sells vegetables and fruit to the market. However, the harvest money is claimed to be disbursed!

Is it true that this game pays real money ? How to download and install it? Check out this Jaka article to the end to know the complete information, OK!

Review Game Lucky Market APK 2022

Lucky Market is a gardening simulation game ( farming game ) developed by Mary D Smith. This game was released on September 9, 2022.

The popularity of this game exploded because it was claimed to be able to make money. The mechanism, players grow various types of plants in the garden. If it is fruitful, the harvest can be sold to the market.

Virtual money collected from selling crops, he said, can be withdrawn into real money. Of course, there is a minimum withdrawal amount.

The Lucky Market game has been downloaded by more than 500 thousand Google Play Store users , you know. However, it has been observed that no comments, reviews, or testimonials have been given regarding this game .

Download Link and How to Play Lucky Market APK 2022

To play this game , you have to download it first. If you are interested, you can click on the download link that ApkVenue has provided below.

DetailLucky Market
Release date9 September 2022
DeveloperMary D Smith
Minimal OSAndroid 5.0

Once downloaded and installed, you can immediately play the game . The gameplay is simple, really.

At the beginning of the Lucky Market APK game , there will be a number of plots of land where you can grow various vegetables and fruits, such as chilies, pumpkins, mustard greens, onions, strawberries, and others.

You have to take care of the plant until it is ready to harvest. When the harvest is available, you can peddle it in front of the garden so that buyers can see it.

Be careful of the presence of thieves who take your vegetables and fruit. You can chase it away from getting close to your garden.

Oh yes, you can also buy other equipment to improve the function of your garden, such as cashier counters, fences, to upgrading the market building.

Is Lucky Market Android Game Proven Paying?

When you hear the news that this game makes money, you must be curious and immediately want to find out the truth. Well, here, Jaka will detail Jaka’s findings regarding this simulation game .

1. Identity

Let’s look at the identity of the game , shall we? As you have read above, Lucky Market is indeed available on the Google Play Store.

In the description section, it is explained that this game offers gardening games like Lucky Farm, Hay Day , or FarmVille. Mentioned, players can grow crops, harvest, and take care of their gardens.

However, there is no mention of this game making real cash . The harvest money in question can only be used in the game for capital to plant and decorate the garden.

In addition, the identity of the game developer is also ambiguous. The name of Mary D Smith is very much in this world, but Jaka did not find a name related to this game .

The developer also does not provide any contact if we want to contact him. Kinda suspicious, huh?

2. Legality

From a legal standpoint, nothing can be found regarding this Lucky Market . Jaka has searched the Financial Services Authority (OJK) database , but did not find any results.

A little explanation, any financial service in Indonesia must have an OJK permit . If not, then the service is illegal.

On the other hand, OJK has also emphasized that money- making games have never received OJK permission . So, even if this game makes money, you have to be careful because the operation is not official.

3. Payment Proof

After reading the review earlier, Jaka is sure you will be more curious, does Lucky Market pay ?

Unfortunately, so far, ApkVenue has not found official proof of payment from Lucky Market . Proof of official payment usually contains information on the identity of the company (paying), transaction number/code, transaction date, and nominal.

At the same time, there are many videos on YouTube showing the complicated payment system of the Lucky Market game , one of which is a video belonging to the GS Esport TV channel.

There are 3 minimum withdrawals of funds, namely Rp. 100, Rp. 1 million, and Rp. 3 million . Most players managed to withdraw the Rp100 that was collected from various missions. However, to withdraw IDR 1 million, they have difficulty carrying out the mission in this simulation game .

For example, the mission of achieving customer satisfaction. In order for the IDR 1 million withdrawal to be successful, the player must achieve customer satisfaction with a value of 200.

When it has been reached and successfully withdraw , the promised funds have not yet arrived. Please check the video yourself, yes.

Jaka also found a similar review in the video belonging to the Jadi Berkah channel. The video uploader even has a balance of more than IDR 6 million!

But according to his confession, he could not withdraw the funds because his mission was very difficult. Please see the video for a more complete explanation.

Games and Other Applications Similar to Lucky Market APK 2022

So, so that you avoid scam money-making games , you can check out some other games or applications like Lucky Market 2022 .

You can pay attention to their game mechanics. If you look at it, this game is similar to the Money Quiz that ApkVenue has discussed before. In this game , you must answer questions correctly to reach the minimum withdraw balance .

The longer the game is played, the less you will get paid for each question. In addition, the withdrawal conditions are also getting more difficult. Please read the full review in this article:

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In addition, the Lucky Money game also has a similar scheme. Your task is easy, just swipe the image on the screen. The money will go into the balance in the game .

The minimum withdrawal from here is $100. But the closer to the number of withdrawals, the missions given are getting more difficult and less. To be clearer, please read the review in the following article!

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The final word

That’s Jaka’s review of the Lucky Market Android game . This game is actually quite fun to play if you just want to waste time.

However, if you are serious about getting money from this game , it’s better not to waste your time because this game has not been proven to pay a decent nominal.

If you’re still looking for a money-making game that’s proven to pay off, try reading Jaka’s article below!

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