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16 July 2022
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You can download Last Day on Earth MOD APK here. With modification features such as unlimited money, you can use all available resources to survive.

As one of the best Android survival games , you will feel the weight of the struggle of the last Earth survivors to survive the pandemic that turned humanity into zombies.

It should be noted that the MOD version available in this article is made by a third party so it is illegal to use it. You will receive the risk of being permanently banned and a virus if you use it for too long.

So, if you are interested in downloading Last Day on Earth MOD APK 2022 , you should use it as a trial , okay? Please read the following reviews!

What is Last Day on Earth?

Last Day on Earth MOD is a survival – themed game that will invite you to survive the pandemic and zombie attacks that attacked Earth in 2077.

In the story plot presented at the beginning of the game, Earth in 2077 was hit by a deadly virus pandemic that turned almost all humans into zombies.

You will play the role of one of the few remaining humans. You are required to create your own fortress and look for food resources and weapons independently.

It must be admitted, the gameplay offered by Last Day on Earth is quite difficult without the help of cheats . You will easily die attacked by zombies, and the progress you run will feel long.

For this reason, you must immediately download the latest MOD Last Day on Earth without root which ApkVenue has presented below. Don’t worry, the APK that is presented is free, really!

Download Last Day on Earth MOD APK 2022

Before Jaka gives you the Last Day on Earth download link , of course you must know the details and minimum specifications of the game so that it is compatible with the device you have.

DetailLast Day on Earth: Survival
Android Minimal5.0 and above
Rating4.4/5.0 (Google Play)

Or, you can also click one of the buttons below. Jaka has prepared several versions, starting from the old version of Last Day on Earth, the latest version, to the original version.

Perbedaan Last Day on Earth Original & MOD APK

Investigate a calibaration, it turns out that these two versions do not have quite different features. However, of course the MOD APK version has superior features.

Last Day on Earth OriginalLast Day on Earth MOD APK
Unlimited Coins .Unlimited coins.
Must recharge energy to be able to go to another location.Unlimited energy.
Items must be complete if you want to upgrade.All weapons can be upgraded for free.
There is no item split feature.There is a split item feature, so you don’t need to farm a lot of materials.
There are ads.Ad-free.
Health can be reduced if attacked by zombies.Unlimited health.
Limited weapons.All weapons can be used to their heart’s content.

Cara Instal Last Day on Earth MOD APK

Broadly speaking, the way to install this application is not much different from other applications. Here are the complete steps that you can do.

  1. Download Last Day on Earth MOD APK via the link above.
  2. Find the Last Day on Earth file, then press it to install.
  3. Allow install for Last Day on Earth.
  4. Wait until the installation process is successful.

Last Day on Earth MOD APK Featured Features

Last Day on Earth MOD version has several advantages and advantages that greatly benefit players and will not be found in the original version. Here are the points that Jaka managed to collect.

1. Unlimited Coins

You can get an unlimited number of coins from the start of playing. That way, you can buy all the things you want.

2. Health & Energy Unlimited

With unlimited health and energy features , you can fight with zombies while moving locations whenever you want without worrying about running out.

3. Durability of Weapons Lasts Forever

The durability of the weapon is unlimited and will last even if it is used forever. Thus, you will be more powerful .

4. Can Upgrade Weapons Free

Last Day on Earth MOD allows you to upgrade all types of weapons without needing to equip them with materials first.

5. Ad-Free

Enjoy the game in full without having to be bothered by the presence of promotional advertisements. Guaranteed, playing Last Day on Earth is getting smoother!

IMPORTANT! Risks of Using MOD Apps

Last Day on Earth MOD APK does give you a lot of convenience through a variety of premium features that can be accessed for free. However, this MOD application is classified as an illegal application.

This means that this kind of unofficial application carries a lot of risks that you should consider and be aware of. Anything, huh? Here’s the review.

  • Presence of Virus & Malware : Application modifications are made with a non-standard process. Therefore, it will be easier for viruses to infiltrate which is very dangerous for the security of your device.
  • System Damage: This is still related to the effects of viruses or malware , gang. In addition to losing important data, your cellphone can also be damaged due to unstable processor performance.
  • Permanently Banned : If Google detects an illegal application on your cellphone, of course Google will immediately impose a ban on your system. So it’s hard to access other Google applications, right!
  • Data Theft: Because it is not an official application, this application may be a form of fraud whose purpose is to hack and steal your personal data.
  • Disadvantaging Developers: Official developers not only lose revenue from the presence of this MOD application, but also lose trust from other users who prefer to use free applications.

If you already know about the risks that lurk, do you still want to use this MOD application?

The final word

Well, that was Jaka’s explanation about the Last Day on Earth game, which you can download the latest MOD APK version here. Good luck!