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March 24, 2022
Android 5.0 and above
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iQIYI MOD APK is a choice of movie watching applications that you can try. This application provides hundreds of the best Asian movies, dramas and TV shows that you can enjoy, gang.

You can find various titles that may not be available in other applications. Moreover, lately iQIYI is popular because of the increasing interest in Asian films and dramas.

iQIYI MOD APK or iQIYI MOD APK free VIP itself is the result of a third-party modification that allows you to enjoy all premium content in the application without having to pay a penny.

You can try it as a trial version by downloading the free iQIYI VIP that ApkVenue shares. Next, you can switch to the official version of this application, gang.

What is iQIYI MOD APK?

The development of the technology era has made many people rely more on watching on a number of streaming applications rather than using television. iQIYI is one of the best choices.

This application developed by the QIYI company is free for you to watch and even download famous and latest Asian films and dramas .

Various titles of Asian films and dramas such as Korean, Chinese, and others with a choice of genres that you can watch at iQIYI VIP Free 2022.

If you don’t have time to finish a spectacle, the front page will display the spectacle for you to re-watch from the last part you watched.

You also will not miss updates from the latest shows. So you don’t need to be confused looking for the latest Korean drama .

Not only that, you can also get multilingual features, ranging from Indonesian, English, to other foreign languages.

The fun thing is, you can also watch offline by downloading the desired video first. So you can watch it anywhere and anytime.

Of course there are some movies and dramas that can be watched only by using access as a VIP Premium member. However, for those of you who don’t want to spend more, Jaka has a solution!

You can use the iQIYI MOD APK, a modified version of the original that allows you to enjoy Premium VIP member facilities with unlimited viewing.

Download iQIYI MOD APK Free VIP 2022

Currently, various types of Asian spectacles, such as Korean films and dramas are increasingly diverse. Likewise, the spectacle in Mandarin or Thai is no less exciting.

So, various kinds of watching applications and streaming services have also emerged, one of the best is this modified version of iQIYI JalanTikus, gang.

Can’t wait to download the free VIP version of iQIYI APK? Before that, ApkVenue needs to remind you that the latest iQIYI Video MOD APK application is only available for Android 5.0 and above and is not available for iPhone.

Minimal OSAndroid 5.0 and above

You can find and download the original version of the iQIYI application on the Play Store. This iQIYI MOD APK free VIP is ready to provide excitement for fans of exciting spectacles.

Risks & Dangers of Using MOD APK

The most important thing you must understand before downloading iQIYI VIP for free or any modified application in general is that there are risks and dangers lurking. You can experience some disadvantages when using it in the long term.

The developers will strictly take action against users who use modifications of the game made. You have to be prepared to accept the worst conditions when caught using the MOD APK.

Here are some risks and dangers that can occur when you continue to use the MOD APK version of the application:

  • Banned : Your Google account or the like could be banned by the developer . It is possible, one day you will be detected using a MOD APK.
  • Viruses : Given that the source of the MOD game comes from a third party and is not official, the potential for your device to be infiltrated by various viruses is very large. This can certainly damage the device later on.
  • Disadvantaging Official Developers : The first party who immediately feels the bad impact is the official developer. Because you use another version, they are at a loss in terms of material.
  • Hacking : It is not impossible if the application you download from third-party sources is actually a mount of hackers . They will enter your device and steal important personal data.

Cara Install iQIYI MOD VIP Free

How to download iQIYI APK MOD version is not difficult, gang. Although this application is in modified form, it is very easy to download. If you are still confused, follow these steps, OK?

  1. Download iQIYI MOD APK via the link that ApkVenue provided. Install as usual.
  2. After that, go to HP Settings > Security & enable Unknown Sources.
  3. Wait for the file download to finish.
  4. If so, open the iQIYI MOD FREE APK application on your cellphone. Then, select the various films you want to watch, gang.

Difference between iQIYI MOD APK and Original

The iQIYI MOD APK does provide a variety of excellent features that can’t be missed. By using the MOD iQIYI APK, you have the flexibility to access all available services.

Well, regarding this, under ApkVenue, we have made a table of the differences between the iQIYI MOD APK and the original.

There are ads.Ad-free.
Must subscribe.Free access.
VIP feature access is locked.VIP features are accessible.

iQIYI MOD APK Featured Features

As one of the recommended applications, of course iQIYI Video has some interesting mod features , including one of the premium features for free.

In addition, there are a number of other excellent features that you can enjoy. Anything, anyway? Check out the explanation below:

1. VIP Premium Member

Like other watching applications, you also have to subscribe to enjoy the iQIYI Premium Account service. Subscribing is quite easy, just like subscribing to Netflix .

This subscription is divided into two. With VIP Premium you can pre-watch limited viewing episodes that have been released without any additional fees.

In addition, with the VIP Premium feature you can also enjoy exclusive content without being disturbed by ads. So you can watch more comfortably.

2. Hundreds of Movies & Dramas

You can enjoy hundreds of movie and drama collections in this application. There are some that you can enjoy exclusively and can even watch them first when they are released.

Various kinds of typical Asian shows, such as popular Chinese films that are currently on the rise, and other famous romantic drama titles.

In fact, you can also enjoy various shows and shows from Indonesia because this application has collaborated with MNC Group. Interesting, right?

More Features of iQIYI Video MOD APK….

In addition to getting access to VIP Premium and also hundreds of movies and dramas for free, you will also get a series of other interesting features in iQIYI APK Smart TV and Android as follows:

1. Multilingual support : Don’t worry because you can watch movies with whatever subtitles you want, including Indonesian subtitles .

2. User-friendly interface : You will not be confused by this very simple and interactive interface.

3. Awesome HD experience : You can enjoy all the shows in full HD quality and at the same time can reduce your data quota usage.

4. Offline mode : Afraid of not having a show while traveling? Download and watch your favorite movies without using an internet connection.

5. Viewing history : Every movie you watch will go to History, so you can view or re-watch the movie.

The final word

That’s the review and download link for iQIYI MOD APK 2022 along with its interesting features that you can try, gang. This application is also an option for you to feel a different experience from the original version.

Of course, iQIYI JalanTikus can be an alternative to watching movies that are no less good than similar applications. However, don’t forget to use the original version to avoid the risks and dangers of watching.

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