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Jun 20, 2022
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Android 4.4+
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Have you ever imagined yourself as a huge dragon that hovers in the sky and devours everything that moves on the face of the earth? No one can survive the fierce bursts of fire and attacks from the sky. This arcade game with similar gameplay has its own place among fans.

You can make your dreams come true in Hungry Dragon Mod APK, a modified Hungry Dragon game that takes you into the medieval world as an angry dragon who is always hungry. Naturally, this game gets a rating of teen content, violence, and bloody scenes.

Hungry Dragon is an arcade game developed by Ubisoft Entertainment, which has published many popular games. On Google Play, the size is 115 MB. Make sure your phone is running the Android 4.4 operating system and above to be able to play it.

What is Hungry Dragon Mod APK?

In this game you release fire-breathing dragons that soar through the medieval world. His mission is to devour all living things and use his hot bursts of fire to subdue anyone or anything in his path.

There’s a huge collection of spooky flying creatures to choose from by downloading the Hungry Dragon Mod APK. With different looks and abilities. There are also various cool costumes to fly faster, burn hotter and eat more.

Your dragon in Hungry Dragon Mod APK can also be accompanied by a pet or pet that is strange and has special skills. You just need to keep flying and leveling up by devouring as many animals and humans as you can, even monster

It takes struggle and lots of game currency in the form of gems and money to level up your dragon as high as possible. Just download the game Hungry Dragon Mod APK to play with unlimited gems and money.

How to Download Hungry Dragon Mod APK?

The original version of Hungry Dragon on Google Play has many shortcomings, for example you have to play often, conquer stage by stage, even use real money to get costumes or replace dragons.

Fortunately there is a modified version that allows you to play the latest Hungry Dragon Mod APK for free, plus the ease of unlocking various existing items. Forget grinding over and over to gain experience or money.

Hungry Dragon Mod APK 2022 is not available on Play Store. You have to look for it on the internet and make sure that you download it from a trusted game modification site. What is certain is that the link to download the Hungry Dragon Mod APK is available at the end of this article.

Here is the sequence of steps to download the latest Hungry Dragon Mod APK on your Android phone.

  1. Open your mobile browser, use it to open the download link provided in this article.
  2. Wait for it to finish, the file you downloaded goes to the Download folder on your HP internal storage.
  3. Find the newly downloaded APK file, touch it to start installing the modified version of Hungry Dragon to your cellphone.
  4. Because it doesn’t come from Google Play, your cellphone will ask for permission to install apps from unknown sources. Grant the requested permissions by going to Privacy Settings or Security Settings. Then check Unknown Sources.
  5. The install starts immediately, just wait until the process is complete.
  6. Don’t open it first, find the OBB file and move it to the SD/Android/obb folder.
  7. Your Hungry Dragon Mod APK game can now be played.

Follow all the steps so that there are no problems downloading the Hungry Dragon Mod APK, as well as installing it on your phone.

How to Play Hungry Dragon?

You start the game as a small dragon but everyone is afraid of it. Choose your prey carefully, because other larger creatures are still stronger than you. Fly to explore the sky, the land, to the waters. Your mission is only one, destroy everything.

In this game you will meet other dragons, monsters, humans, farm animals, villages, cities, forests, to goblin villages. Beware of various obstacles and traps. Or a bigger dragon lurking and ready to finish you off.

Your mainstay weapon is fire that burns anything. Enter the hidden world by breaking through the obstacles, then get various gifts and items to make you stronger. You also have special skills according to the type of dragon you use.

Keep leveling up your dragons and get the highest score possible by devouring as many as you can. This dragon is insatiable and will always be hungry.

What are the advantages of Hungry Dragon Mod APK over the original?

Feasting fires and eating all that lives the dragon will certainly be much more fun if you have a lot of money from the start of the game. You can buy a lot of items that normally can only be obtained after continuous grinding.

In the modified version you will get a large amount of money when you start the game, or when you open it for the first time. With that money you can buy various items to make your dragon bigger, stronger, and fly faster.

Download Hungry Dragon Mod APK Unlimited Gems and Money

No need to wait too long. Start your fire party and medieval creature grilling right now by downloading Hungry Dragon Mod APK. Power up your dragon to the fullest to enjoy immersive and limitless hunting fun.

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