Heroes Strike Offline Mod Apk


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Aug 2, 2021
96 MB
Android 4.4+
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For some people playing MOBA games offline may be impossible, but not with Heroes Strike offline Mod APK. In Indonesia itself, games with the MOBA genre, such as Mobile Legends (ML) are still the prima donna among gamers.

Although previously this realm was dominated by Mobile Legends (ML), it seems that now Heroes Strike is the new idol in the MOBA realm. If generally an online game, especially the MOBA genre, can only be played online, it is different from the Heroes Strike offline Mod APK game.

Heroes Strike offline Mod APK is a game made by WolfFun that has been modified and you can play offline because it doesn’t require an internet connection. Heroes Strike itself carries the simple concept of 3 vs 3.

Gameplay Heroes Strike

Heroes Strike offline Mod APK latest version has a unique way of playing. Before starting to play, you will be given the option to choose a hero to fight in an arena on the map. Next you have to accumulate experience and buy various skills to fight.

Regarding the concept of fighting, Heroes Strike still carries a 3 vs 3 battle. Teams that fight will be given 4 minutes to knock each other down. The team that succeeds in defeating the opponent before the allotted time runs out is the team that wins.

Currently Heroes Strike still carries the concept of 3 vs 3 but it is not impossible that in the future this multiplayer game will bring the concept. 5 vs 5 into it. No less than other MOBA games, the latest version of Heroes Strike offline Mod APK also has many skins for heroes.

As for the original version, premium items can only be obtained by Topup. The price that is set is certainly not cheap, mate. WolfFun as a developer doesn’t seem to be playing around in working on Heroes Strike.

This is evidenced by the abundant collection of skins, items, weapons and heroes on offer. There are at least 12 players who are ready to fight each other with 11 enemies run by the system.

The goal of the game is that you become a player who can survive. Of course this is a challenge that is quite difficult, but you can make this easier by choosing a low difficulty level as well.

In practice, in the face of the enemy you must determine tactics and strategy before fighting. You can start this strategy when you choose the heroes, weapons, skins and items that you will use to support the battle.

As an offline game, the graphic quality presented by Heroes Strike offline Mod APK is certainly not as good as online MOBA games such as Mobile Legends (ML). Even so, the 3D graphics offered are not so disappointing.

It is proven that every hero with a total of 20 heroes in Heroes has a fairly detailed display. The skins and animations that are built are quite interesting and fun. In the original version of Heroes Strike, so you can defeat the enemy easily.

You need to upgrade skills through levels or challenges. Unfortunately, upgrading these skills requires coins and gems that require a lot of effort and time.

Well, instead of you spending a long time just upgrading skills. It’s better you directly download Heroes Strike Mod APK unlimited gems and coins. The reason is, by downloading unlimited gems and coins at the following link you can upgrade skills very easily.

Advantages of Heroes Strike Offline Mod Apk

Heroes Strike Offline Mod Apk has many advantages and interesting things for users. Before you decide to download, make sure you know what the advantages of Heroes Strike Offline Mod Apk are the latest version of unlimited gems and coins below.

Unlimited Coins

You will be very happy if you can improve your skills without having to bother collecting experience or buying a number of coins. So that you can easily improve your skills, you can use the unlimited coins feature.

With the unlimited coins feature you can easily get unlimited coins and gems. Later these coins and gems you can use to upgrade skills.


This feature allows you to play games without any ad distractions so you can play games freely.

Latest Characters and Skins

The number of characters along with the many and varied skins will certainly bring a different experience for the players. Guaranteed you will not get bored playing for a long time.

Simple View

Although it has been modified, Heroes Strike offline Mod APK was developed by carrying a simple and simple appearance. Even if you are a beginner, you will have no problem using this Mod APK

Light Game Size

Besides being friendly to users, Heroes is also friendly for low-spec smartphones. If generally MOBA games have a size of 100 MB, then it only has a size of 96 MB. In other words, it can be used in all types of 4.0 mobile phones.

Specifications of Heroes Strike Offline Mod APK

Once you know what Heroes Strike Offline Mod APK is and how to play it. Now is the time for you to install. However, before installing it’s a good idea to check whether your smartphone has the appropriate specs or not. Here are the specifications for the latest version of Heroes Strike Mod Apk.

Smartphone Specifications

For those of you who want to install the Heroes Strike Offline Mod APK game on your cellphone, you should consider whether your cellphone’s qualifications are adequate for this game or not.

The reason, this will greatly affect the performance of your phone. Currently, the minimum specifications for mobile phones that can accommodate Heroes Strike Offline Mod APK are smartphones with a minimum android system of 4.0+ (Up) and 2GB RAM and 16 Gb Internal.

If your phone has qualifications above these specs, immediately download Heroes Strike offline Mod APK, unlimited gems and coins. But if it’s the other way around, you should upgrade your phone or undo your intention to install Heroes Strike Mod APK.

Cara Download & Install Heroes Strike Offline Mod APK

If your phone is adequate, follow the steps below to install it.

  • First, download via the link that Tech Bigs has listed above.
  • So you can easily find the file. Put the Heroes file that you successfully downloaded on the external storage.
  • Next download the file and wait until the download process runs 200%.
  • If the download process is complete, it’s time to install the application.
  • Before installing, make sure you have given permission to “Unknown sources” on your phone
  • After “Unknown sources” have been successfully activated, find your downloaded file in the folder
  • Select the “Install” option
  • Follow the process and wait for the installation to complete.
  • Congratulations, Heroes are at your disposal.


Broadly speaking, the latest version of Heroes Strike Offline Mod APK is quite promising. When you are bored playing Mobile Legends because you spend a lot of quota, you can try downloading Heroes Strike Offline Mod APK unlimited gems and coins as another alternative in playing games.