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FTS 22 Mod Apk Download Full Transfer + Unlimited Money FTS 22 Mod Apk Download Full Transfer + Unlimited Money

FTS 22 Mod Apk

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3.3/5 Votes: 79
Juli 2022
175 MB
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Android 10+
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FTS 22 Mod Liga Indonesia is a game that has been modified from the official version.

This is clearly seen from the name so that anyone will know what is meant by this game.

Due to the modification, it means a lot of changes in it. It’s just that the changes do not reach the gameplay, which remains simple but interesting to play.

As is known, there are lots of games of this type of football that can be played. Some of the most famous are PES, DLS, and FIFA Soccer with their respective advantages.

Previously, the game could only be played on Playstation devices or PCs. But now, all of them can be played on Android devices with customized controls.

Please note, the soccer game mentioned above has a fairly large size. Even some versions require tens of Giga memory space to be able to play it smoothly.

Of course not all Android users have the remaining memory, especially if the HP spec also requires a good one. It is for this reason that many have switched to FTS 22 or also known as First Touch Soccer.

Review FTS 22 Mod Liga Indonesia

The feature actually already exists when using the official version, you just have to pay or top up first.

In addition, some features that are still locked or cannot be used with certain levels have also been unlocked.

One thing that is the target feature of this version is none other than the existence of a very complete Indonesian league.

The existing players have also been adjusted to the latest and have entered the season. Call it the European league, where Messi has moved to PSG, while Ronaldo has returned to MU after playing for a long time at Real Madrid.

The existence of the Indonesian National Team is also an attraction why FTS 22 Mod Liga Indonesia is much sought after, especially for local residents.

The game is also simple, it can be said exactly like other games from different developers.

In nurturing a team, you act as a manager as well as a coach who is fully responsible.

FTS 22 Indonesian league mod APK is a soccer sports game that provides interesting features. In this game, you can play a club in various league matches. Some of the leagues available include the President’s Cup and so on.

This game is perfect for those of you who like soccer and want to fill your spare time with more fun. The interesting gameplay allows you to enjoy the atmosphere as a manager who manages a soccer team.

Review FTS 22 Mod Liga Indonesia

FTS 22 Indonesian league mod APK is a sports genre application developed by a third party with additional premium features. All available features can be used for free without any cost.

This will certainly help players to be able to enjoy the game more optimally. The gameplay presented is quite simple so it will not be easy to understand. In this game, the player will serve as the manager of a soccer team.

Later, players need to arrange various needs needed by the team, such as club finances, player formations and so on. Through this game, you can build the dream soccer team you want to be.

You are free to choose the player character you want. All characters are unlocked so as a manager you can choose whichever player you want.

The features available in this modified version of the game are much more complete and varied. That way players can get everything they want to achieve success in the game.

Main Features of FTS 22 Indonesian League Mod

The FTS 22 Indonesian league mod APK application looks more attractive because it presents far superior features. This happens because the developer deliberately changes the available features to be more premium.

Interestingly, players do not need to pay to be able to use this feature. Before downloading the application, of course you need to know what features are available. Here’s the information.

1. Unlocked All Player

In this game, your role is as a manager who manages a soccer team. This allows you to choose the best players to make your soccer team grow and continue to win in various matches.

If in the original version, the choice of players is still quite limited. Not anymore when using a modified version that provides all players with a star.

That way you can choose which players you want to strengthen your team. This feature will be automatically activated when the application is installed on the device.

2. Unlimited Money

In the game, you need money to buy players, manage your team, and so on. In the original version, players need to collect money from various activities.

But now it’s not necessary anymore, because in the mod version all the money is available in an unlimited amount. You no longer need to be afraid to run out of money because everything is available.

With this money, you can buy any player you want to form the most powerful soccer team. Not only that, you can also upgrade the stadium so that players can feel more comfortable.

With an unlimited amount of money, you can do more fun things.

3. Unlock Domestic League

With all domestic leagues open, you can get players from big teams like the U23 national team and other big clubs. This allows you to have more player references. That way the team formed can be stronger and more qualified.

The opening of all available domestic leagues allows you and your team to participate in any match you want. This makes the sensation of the game feel more exciting and diverse. Guaranteed you will not feel bored when playing it.

4. Custom Player Face and Hair

An interesting feature available in this game is the custom character. Through this feature, you can create players as you wish. Interestingly, you can determine various things on the player, starting from the type of face, hair, and so on.

You can even create a player character that looks just like yourself. All these accesses can be done without the need for a fee or free. Start the face design according to your own taste to get the desired character.

5. AFC U16, U19 and U23 Special Edition

Not just playing against ordinary teams, the available match mod version is more complete. You can compete against popular teams such as the U22, U16, and so on.

Players can choose their own matches that their team wants to participate in. At each level of the game will certainly present a different sensation of excitement.

The stronger the opponent, the more exciting the match will be. This variation is presented so that players can feel comfortable and try all the available matches.

6. Graphics Full HD

To provide a more exciting and real game sensation, the developer presents HD graphics quality. That way every item component and color looks very clear. That way players can feel optimal comfort and excitement.

Even though you can access the game through your cellphone, you can feel the sensation of a game that is similar to a PC game.

The graphics that are present are able to provide comfort for the eyes of players so that they will not get bored easily when accessing this one game.

7. Wide selection of jerseys

In football matches, the jersey is the uniform used by the players. This of course can be a support to give encouragement to the players. A cool jersey can give players confidence and look very attractive.

In this mod version, there are various jerseys that can be used, including the jersey belonging to the Indonesian national team. With a wide selection of jerseys, you can customize your player’s appearance to the maximum.

8. No Ads

Although it provides premium services for free, this application is equipped with block ads. That way there will be no ads that appear when you use the application.

This feature has been improved to provide a more comfortable gaming experience without distractions. Even if you have been accessing this application for a long time, ads will not appear so you can concentrate on the match optimally.

9. New Background

Background acts as a background that makes the game look more attractive.

The modified version provides more than 100 themes that players can choose freely. Uniquely, all collections can be selected for free without having to pay anything.

Several themes can be arranged as desired, for example when managing players, lobby background, waiting for matches, and so on. You can set the background in each area easily and quickly without any hassle.

10. Simple Look

This application presents a user-friendly display so that players will not find it difficult even if it is the first time using it. All the available features and menu options are clearly visible so that players will not be difficult to find them.

Easy access allows players to adjust quickly. You can quickly become a reliable team manager.

Download the Latest FTS 22 Indonesian League Mod

FTS 22 Indonesian league mod APK developed by third parties will not be obtained just like that through the Google Play Store. But don’t worry, because there are several websites that provide it.

Make sure to get the application from a trusted source so that all the premium features offered can be used optimally. The size of this application is quite large so you need to be connected to a stable internet service to be able to download it properly.

Prepare enough storage space so that the application can be installed easily. To be able to start the game, you need to download the application file as well as OBB. The two files are a unity so they must be downloaded completely.

This game can work optimally on Android devices at least version 10 and above. For that make sure to use the appropriate device so that the application can work optimally. To download it, please visit the following link.

Guide to Download FTS 22 Mod Liga Indonesia APK

Downloading the FTS 22 Indonesian league mod APK game can be done easily and for free. Despite presenting superior premium features, all access is provided for free. That way you don’t need to hesitate anymore and can play it right away.

The download process is the same as usual, but the source is different. In order not to be confused, you can follow the steps below.

  • Open the browser application found on each device.
  • Copy the download link provided and Paste it in the search field of the browser application.
  • Download the two files needed, namely the APK and OBB files. Make sure both are complete before the installation process is carried out.
  • Paste the download links one by one so you can get them in full. Press the Download button to start downloading.
  • Make sure the internet connection used is stable and the device has a sufficient size of storage space.
  • Make sure when downloading, the device is not turned off. This is done so that the download process can be carried out properly.
  • Allow a few moments until the download process is complete. When the notification has been given, it means that the application file is ready to be installed on the device.

How to Install FTS 22 Mod Liga Indonesia APK

After completing the process of downloading the FTS 22 Indonesian league mod APK, the next step that needs to be done is to install it on the device. How to install the application is quite simple, but you need to enable installation permissions first.

This needs to be done so that the device can read applications that come from outside and install them. The process is quite easy, so it will not be difficult for those of you who are doing it for the first time. Check out the following steps.

  • Before starting the installation process, make sure the application files to be installed are fully owned.
  • Select the File Manager menu and access the Downloads folder. Look for applications that have just finished downloading, namely OBB and APK files. If it is confirmed there is, you can immediately start the installation process.
  • Before that, activate the installation permission first by going to the Settings menu on the device. Then select Privacy and Security.
  • Select the Unknown Source section, then put a check mark on the Unknown Source.
  • If a green check mark appears, it means that the installation permission is active.
  • Back to the File Manager section, please extract the downloaded RAR file. Install the apk file that appears from the extract.
  • Press the application icon to start installation. After the application installation is complete, you can move the downloaded OBB file into the game folder so that the premium features can be accessed as a whole.
  • Copy the OBB file contained in the Downloads folder, press the Move To button, then select the storage media according to the application, usually Internet Storage. Select the Android folder, then Data.
  • Look for the com.ftscaemgame.caemgame section, Paste the OBB file into that section. The installation process is complete.
  • Please access the game that has just been downloaded to find out the results. Check all available premium features and enjoy the game.

Differences FTS 22 Mod Liga Indonesia Original and Mod

The FTS 22 Indonesian league mod APK with the original version has several differences. This makes the two applications that have a working system have different features. The modified version is considered more fun because the available features are more premium.

With various interesting features, players can enjoy the game more easily. Through this, you can build a soccer team the way you want and participate in various types of matches. For more details regarding the differences, see the information table below.

FTS 22 ModFTS 22 Ori
· Premium features can be accessed for free· Unlimited money is provided, so players can buy whatever they want.· The installation process is a bit inconvenient because it requires an OBB file.· Application updates need to be done manually.· Everything is already open so that access is given more easily.· Can do various matches as desired.· No ads.· You can choose any player you want.· Missions are more diverse, so the game feels more exciting.· Limited features.· Need to make money by winning matches, selling players, and selling match tickets.· The installation process is easier because it is available on the official market app.· Applications can be updated automatically.· Some premium features are still locked.· The available matches are limited so players can follow only those that are open.· There are ads that appear often enough to be quite annoying.· The available players are quite limited so not all can be selected.· All missions have not been unlocked so players can only play them in a limited way. 

FTS 22 Mod Liga Indonesia APK Aman?

FTS 22 Indonesian league mod APK was developed by an unofficial developer so that it can provide risks when used. Some of the risks that may be obtained include malware, block accounts, and others.

However, if seen until now, the use of this application is still safe and does not have any problems. But what needs to be considered is the device used. This application can be said to be in the middle tier so it requires a good device with a high OS.

For that, if you want to try this game, you need to provide adequate devices. That way all the features can be enjoyed optimally and can play it comfortably. The required operating system is Android with a minimum version of 10 and above.

FTS 22 Indonesian league mod APK is suitable for all people who like football. By playing this game, you can train to become a club manager who is adept at managing your soccer team so that you can develop and keep up with the competition.

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