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In the previous article, we shared a football genre game, the DLS 2022 Mod Apk . Well, on this occasion, we will share information regarding the fifa 22 modapk adrection apk which is currently being sought by gamers. Read more below.

Football or soccer genre games are still the most popular game genre today. It’s no wonder that various soccer games are always busy being played by game lovers around the world.

Along with the increasingly rapid technological advances, we can now play games easily anytime and anywhere through our mobile devices. We can get various football genre games easily through the Google Play Store application store and the App Store.

Apart from going through the application store that we mentioned above, you can also download soccer games and other games through the Adresion Apk. Now on this download site or application you can find the latest FIFA 2022 game for free. For those of you who are interested in trying the Adression Apk. You can download this article.

As we explained above, the Adrection Apk is a site or application to download various games. In this application all games are available and you can download them for free.

Besides that, you can also find various modified versions of games or mod apk in this application. Well, for those of you lovers of the football genre game, of course you need to try the updated FIFA 2022 game.

In the FIFA 2022 game that you download from the adrecision apk, this is the latest version that you can download for free complete with various excellent features. Now for those of you who are interested in downloading the FIFA 22 Mod Adrection Apk. We have provided the download link below.

Review FIFA 22 Mod Apk

Fifa 22 is included as the latest version of the most popular soccer game. There are now many Android smartphones that pay attention to the importance of the Ultimate team. Players can still play the game together with their favorite team.

This is thanks to the control system that is very suitable for use on touch screens. With this, it is more possible for the user to be more accurate in shooting, passing, or crossing and dribbling the ball as it should.

In addition to the ultimate standard game, it is also possible for players to be able to create their own team using the most popular FIFA leaderboard system. You can manage your dream team in changing, selling or buying players.

You can even change the style of play, create training programs, instill team spirit or change details such as emblems and kits. Improvements in terms of graphics and technology are indeed presented.

This makes the gameplay more enjoyable. Since this game is coming in a new season, this game also has a new ball appearance. Even up to the latest player transfers. You can play the game offline.

Of course this works very well in the manager mode section. That way, you can manage the team whenever and wherever you want. The interesting thing is, this latest version turns out to be the most popular version of the FIFA 22 Mod Apk game of all time.

But the name blah football game certainly cannot be separated from the surprising transfer of players in the transfer market at the beginning of this season. Like the real world, because you can build your own team, choose a captain, or transfer players.

In addition, you can also recruit targeted players in the transfer market. You can find star players who have moved to their new clubs. It doesn’t stop there, players can also add to the fun of playing.

The trick is to play this game together against other players from all over the world. This ability is already present in several previous versions.

FIFA 22 Mod Apk Features

In addition, complete features can make the game smoother and not experience many obstacles. The following features are owned by FIFA 22 modifications including:

1. Football League

Football does have various leagues, be it Italian, English, Spanish, French, and other leagues. That’s why if you want to play in several leagues that your favorite movie likes, you can use this application.

2. Transfer Exchange

Almost the same as the real League which, for the game FIFA 22 this modification helps you to experience the transfer market to make player purchases. You can also sell players according to the needs of the team you have.

With this feature, it is useful so that the finances owned by the club can be balanced without experiencing many problems.

3. Outfits and Jersey Kits

Football teams or clubs can be designed using a variety of styles. That way, when used in a match, it can steal the attention of the opposing party. In the FIFA 22 Mod Apk game, you are given the freedom to make team kits and jerseys.

4. Mode Attack Speed

By playing using attack speed mode, then you can enjoy this one feature. While this game can control the roof and attack. Whether it’s to attack the enemy’s defense at hand.

5. Free Gift Event

In order to get free events, you can complete various missions that this FIFA 22 mod game has. If you successfully complete it, you can automatically get attractive prizes that have been provided by the game.

6. Sound Effect

FIFA 22 Mod has a super cool sound effect. That way you can enjoy the match as if it were real in the stadium.

7. Graphics HD

If you’ve ever played games on the PlayStation 4, you’ll definitely be amazed because the graphics that are presented are of very HD quality. This feature makes the quality of the graphics an attraction for players because it is not much different from the PS4.

8. Mode Offline

Not only in terms of the sheer fun that FIFA 22 Mod offers, but this game can also be played offline. So you can play this game anytime and anywhere without having to be connected to the internet.

Surely this is very helpful for those of you who have limited internet connection on mobile devices.

9. Model Turna men

You can participate in local or international League tournaments as in other tournament modes. Examples include the Spanish League, Champions League, English League (Premier Leaguae), Italian League and Dutch League.

Apart from the regular league, you can also choose the tournament options in the World Cup championship that can be used to travel for someone’s career or with a team.

You can even create a dream team or a career in order to earn money. In addition, it can also follow the hot transfer market.

10. UI Design

The appearance of this UI design is not boring, because it has a newer look. So that this latest UI design gives a fresh impression. With this display, it is guaranteed that you will not get bored looking at it and it is easier to understand each of the existing features.

11. Realistic Simulation

This modified Fifa mobile is deliberately designed to be the most realistic. With this it can provide interface scenarios that are almost the same as real characters in exploring the clarity of the situation to the extreme.

Ideally, this game offers in 3-dimensional, Ultra HD graphic representation and also provides infrastructure or tools that can spoil the eye. This simulated character is also very good because it has a look that resembles real life.

That way, you can identify them quickly. The way is through the views of their characters. So that one of the best modern tools has been done.

12. Match 11 Vs 11 Pvp

When you select players or train them to participate in tournaments through skill and health, you can enjoy a battle experience that really looks real.

You can feel really great against 11 players on each side. In addition, players can also work according to a strategy-based approach so that they can plan or try to show the performance of their wins.

13. Kick Off Challenge

Control selection when you are on the field directly, then have one of the most important choices to make that is FIFA 22 game control, has a touch screen control system by default.

Although mostly effective, players can move on their own using these controls. In addition, you can also touch your teammates to pass to them by using other swipes to control players and take shots on goal.

Gameplay FIFA 22 Mod Apk

That’s why it must be able to induce all players through the information that has been created. You also have to know some of the player’s positions so you don’t experience problems when playing against the enemy team.

You can even buy players according to the needs of the team. You can also sell players that are no longer in use. This has the aim of keeping the finances of the football club stable.

If the player has filled all of them in each position, you must design a good strategy to make it easier for you to defeat the enemy. FIFA mod has many matches to complete. Be smart about taking care of players so they don’t get tired and don’t get injured.

Advantages of FIFA 22 Mod Apk

Modification applications do provide many advantages compared to disadvantages. This also applies to the FIFA 22 mod game which has many advantages to attract the hearts of its users.

The following is a list of advantages that can pamper you, including:

1. Easy Download Process

Nowadays, modified applications or games can be downloaded with very easy steps. Although this application is not available on the Google Play Store, you can download it via a special link.

2. Free From Ads

Almost all mod applications are equipped with no ads feature or free from ads. With these advantages, FIFA 22 mod players feel very pampered. Given that the appearance of this ad is very disturbing.

That way, you don’t have to worry anymore when ads appear, because this is impossible. So much fun isn’t it?

3. Light Capacity

Since this is an application that does not display ads, this application is automatically classified as a type of game that is light and can run quickly. When accessing this game, it is guaranteed that you will not be annoyed because it is slow or intermittent.

Disadvantages of FIFA 22 Mod Apk

After knowing some of the advantages listed above, you also need to know where the disadvantages of this game application are. Then what are the shortcomings of FIFA 22 Mod Apk? Here is the full explanation:

1. Turkish Default Language

The FIFA 22 application uses Turkish language, so it is quite difficult for users who are not familiar with this language. Even so, you can still make the language change settings via a smartphone in the settings menu.

2. Broken Image

The broken image is caused by several things. Whether it’s because of the network or server error, it could also be because the thumbnail image is broken or damaged. That’s why the image display sometimes has problems.

3. Risk of getting banned

The next drawback is the risk of getting banned, considering that this is an unofficial application. That way it is very risky for the account to be permanently blocked.

If the official developer blocks it permanently, you will automatically no longer be able to use this application.

Through this FIFA 22 Mod Apk, players are presented with a control system that is very suitable for use on touch screens. You can even pass, shoot or cross accurately.

Download FIFA 22 Mod Apk

Nama FileFIFA 22 Mod APK
VersionNewest 2022
DeveloperMusaf Gaming
minimal OSAndroid 10+
File UploadMediaFire

How to Install FIFA 22 Mod Apk

  • In the installation or installation step of this FIFA game, you are required to complete the file download process via the link provided above.
  • Then do not immediately click install game.
  • Usually the modified version of the application will ask the user to activate the unknown source section.
  • Just click the settings or security menu.
  • After that look for the security menu.
  • Then you look for the unknown source column so that you can activate the feature.
  • If you have then you open the file manager.
  • Next look for the download folder.
  • When you find it just click on the folder.
  • Then look for the FIFA 22 game APK file.
  • The next step is to click the file to immediately perform the installation.
  • If it’s already installed, then you wait a while until the application is installed perfectly

Difference between FIFA mod and FIFA original

The difference between FIFA 22 Mod Apk and the original FIFA 22 is certainly very different. Especially in terms of the features offered. In order to know the difference between the two, then you just have to check the full review below, including:

1. Fifa 22 original:

  • Money cannot be obtained for free.
  • Does not support online mode.
  • Does not provide League 1.
  • The official application, so security is guaranteed.
  • Can update via Play Store or App Store

2. FIFA 222 vs

  • All the money available in it can be enjoyed for free and unlimited.
  • Support offline mode.
  • League 1 available.
  • Illegal application, so security is not guaranteed 100%.
  • Unable to update automatically. So you have to do the update manually.

Is FIFA 22 Mod Apk 100% safe

FIFA 22 Mod Apk has indeed been equipped with a myriad of very sophisticated premium features. But what about in terms of security? Is it 100% guaranteed safe? One thing you need to know that the use of this modified version is inseparable from the risk.

Same is the case with the use of FIFA 22 mod. Every user of the modified application is very at risk of account blocking by the official developer. It can also make the application unable to work properly.

For that, before using this application, think about it as best you can before using it. For security reasons, you can use the original application available on the Google Play Store.