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FF mod apk is now being hunted by many free fire game players, let’s get it through the information below.

Free fire is one of the most popular games and is loved by all people, especially young people. This free fire game has a pretty fantastic number of users because when you play it you will get its own excitement and challenges.

Besides that, the items and bundles in the free fire game are very cool and interesting, it’s only natural that FF has many users. When you play the free fire game, of course you want the appearance of your account to be a sultan, right? Besides that, your gameplay skills are still below average, of course you want to be good at playing free fire games.

For those who have this problem when playing FF games, you don’t need to worry. Because one of the right solutions to overcome this is that you can use the FF mod apk. Because the application can help improve gameplay skills and make an account more sovereign.

Do you already know about this FF mod apk, if not, then don’t worry about it. Because on this occasion we will provide a discussion of this information, for that you can read carefully below.

What is FF Mod Apk?

FF mod is an application that has been modified or developed by a third party by adding advanced features in it. This FF mod apk is very different from the original version because if you use it, it will be very profitable.

Why is that because it has embedded advanced and cool features so that users can more easily play free fire games. And you need to know that these features will not be found in the original free fire game because it was specially made by the developer.

There are so many features that are embedded in this FF mod apk, so it’s no wonder that many applications are targeting and wanting to get it. Now, before knowing the features contained in the application, you should know the difference between the FF mod apk and the original version.

Review Free Fire MOD APK Unlimited Diamond

FF MOD APK 2022 still carries the same features as the original version, but applies various additional modifications in it.

With this MOD you can get a variety of interesting features, ranging from unlimited diamonds to aim bots that will make it easier for you to target enemies.

This MOD file is also equipped with an anti-cheat detection feature that makes it safer when you use it to play online .

Even so, ApkVenue does not recommend you to use the main account when using this MOD version of the game because of the risk of account ban .

Download Free Fire MOD APK Anti Banned

Interested in all the features and advantages offered by this latest version of FF MOD APK? Are you ready with the risks that you might get by using this game?

DetailFree Fire
CategoryBattle Royale
Minimal OSAndroid 5.1+
Rating4.1/5.0 (Google Play Store)

Even though it’s protected using anti-cheat detection , it doesn’t mean this application is risk-free. Updates made by this game may make this MOD application not work.

If your considerations are mature and you still want to try using this MOD, please download it directly via the link below, yes.

Cara Instal Free Fire MOD APK

After you understand Jaka’s explanation above, now is the time for you to download and install the FF MOD APK unlimited diamonds that Jaka has provided above.

Here’s a guide to installing the Free Fire 2021 MOD APK:

  1. Select the Settings menu .
  2. Select Security .
  3. Turn off toogle ” Allow unknown sources “.
  4. Download dan instal Free Fire MOD APK.
  5. Install the files in the OBB folder.
  6. Run the application as usual.

Difference between Free Fire Original & MOD APK

Basically, this game is a MOD that has some differences and advantages from the original version. To be clear, here are the details of the differences between the original Free Fire and the MOD APK.

Free FireFree Fire MOD APK
Paid diamonds.Unlimited diamond.
Limited characters.Unlock all characters.
In-game purchases.There are no in-game purchases.

Free Fire MOD APK 2021 Featured Features

As Jaka has discussed before, for those of you who want to download the 2022 version of FF MOD APK, there are several excellent features that can be enjoyed for free.

Starting from those related to cosmetic items , characters, to in-game features , everything is provided in full in this popular game.

Here are some excellent features that you can get when using the latest version of FF MOD APK 2022.

1. Unlimited Diamond

Diamond is the most important currency in this game, and with this FF MOD 2022 you can get unlimited access to diamonds .

You can immediately buy the skin of your dreams as well as perform various kinds of upgrades that will make your character look even cooler.

All the facilities that usually can only be accessed by players who often top-up diamond FF , are now in your hands.

2. In-game Cheat

Besides being able to get instant access to various kinds of skins and upgrades , this FF MOD APK also has an in-game cheat feature that is no less interesting.

With the help of this MOD, your character can have unlimited blood so you will not be defeated in the game.

Too easy? Maybe you can just use the aim bot to help aim and turn off the unlimited blood feature.

3. Unlock All Characters

One of the basic differences between Free Fire and other battle royale games is the concept of characters used in this game.

In other games, you will play as a character without a name and special powers, but in Free Fire there are various characters that you can play and they each have their own uniqueness.

You can use all the characters in this game instantly through this FF MOD APK 2022.

4. No need to root

In general, MOD APKs for online games require a previously rooted Android version , if you download the latest version of FF MOD APK 2021, this is not necessary.

You can install this MOD application and use it in the same normal way as installing other games in general.

No need to root which can cause its own risk on the smartphone you are using.

Garena Free Fire as one of the FPS Android games is known to frequently update the games they develop, and one of them is by adding new maps to it.

Kalahari is one of the newest maps in this game and you can also play this map in FF MOD APK 2022.

You can already use various interesting features such as aim bots and also unlimited health freely without having to worry too much about bugs .

IMPORTANT!!: Risk of Downloading MOD APK File

Jaka has indeed provided a Free Fire MOD APK link. However, you must understand very well that downloading the MOD APK file is very dangerous, high risk, and has the potential to harm many parties.

Below Jaka will give you what risks you will receive if you download the MOD APK file:

1. Potential Viruses and Malware

Viruses are a danger that you must know when downloading the MOD APK file. This is because the virus can be attached to the MOD APK because it is unofficial or illegal. Because it was developed by a third party, the application security of the MOD APK cannot be guaranteed.

Even worse, there are also third parties who are not responsible and deliberately spread viruses or malware. In fact, most of the viruses or malware can’t be solved with an antivirus application !

If it’s like this, only you will feel miserable because no one wants to be responsible for this.

2. Permanent Ban

Your account can be permanently banned once you dare to log in to the MOD APK version. Because, MOD APK is an illegal application. Google will also consider you to be in violation for using the application.

It’s not just in-game accounts that have the potential to get banned . Google accounts such as Gmail, GMaps, Chrome, to Drive can also be locked. Too lazy, right, if you have to create a new email account again !

3. Potential Hacking/Hacking

The biggest danger of using MOD APKs is hacking. Because, you will definitely enter personal data such as email, password, or even cellphone number when you register or log in.

Once you do that, it means you have to accept your privacy and personal data being used by others. The risk of your account being hacked is even greater !

4. Disadvantaging Developers

You don’t really accept this risk. However, still using the MOD application is an act that harms others. More precisely in this case is the original developer.

They will obviously lose out in terms of material. Because the income they get from the premium version will be lost because you use the MOD version which opens access to premium features.

Therefore, ApkVenue strongly discourages downloading the MOD version, especially from games made by local developers . Appreciate their hard work, guys!

5. Damage Device

This point is the “ultimate” risk of all the risks that ApkVenue has described earlier. Suppose your Android phone has been hit by a virus because you downloaded the MOD APK. Viruses will clearly damage your cellphone from many aspects, such as hardware to software.

The final word

That’s an explanation of the advantages, features, and includes the download link for Free Fire MOD APK 2022 with the advantages of unlimited diamonds, auto headshots, anti-banned , and others that you can use immediately.

This type of application MOD often provides various additional features that can help users enjoy the game more. However, you still have to remember about the risks as Jaka has explained before, yes.

Hopefully the information that Jaka shares this time is useful for all of you, and see you again in the next articles!

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