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17 Jul 2022
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FB lite apk is a social media platform that has a light file size so it doesn’t burden the phone. Of course, many people already know about it and so that you understand better, we will discuss it in this article.

You need to know that the existence of social media is always used properly by the community. And maybe the existence of a sophisticated smartphone that makes you access all existing social media. Starting from Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Telegram, and so on.

Did you know that the file size of social media is certainly very different, some are small or large. And one of the social media that is commonly used is Facebook, it is certain that smartphone users have the platform on their devices.

But unfortunately this platform has a fairly large file size. So that many people who have low smartphone capacities cannot access these social media platforms. Because if you force access, then there will be insufficient storage space.

So that it triggers the slowness of the cellphone you are using or you will not even be able to move it again when running other platforms. So, take it easy, don’t worry because now we will share the solution so you can use a platform called Facebook.

The solution that we recommend is that you have to use the light version of facebook, namely FB lite apk. Of course, this application has been around for a long time and is no less cool and original Facebook. Even though the lite version is the same, the main appearance is the same, namely presenting the status of other people.

Maybe even this FB lite apk is cooler because it’s easy and doesn’t burden the smartphone you use. In addition, this FB lite apk user has reached more than 1M on the google play store. And it has proven that this platform is very popular and has many users.

Not only that, we will discuss even below, there is more complete information for that, let’s take a good look.

Differences Fb Lite Apk with Facebook

Fb Lite itself appeared in 2004, according to available data until the end of 2021, active users have crossed the figure of 2.6 billion. Admittedly, this market strategy is quite successful.

Especially with the presence of various social media, making its own role increasingly eroded. However, the presence of the lite version, makes its existence not completely lost, it is increasing as the name changes to meta.

It must be admitted that the Indonesian people themselves prefer to use it compared to a few years ago. This condition is almost in accordance with the territory of the Republic of Indonesia which consists of islands and is quite difficult to meet.

Maybe, you yourself are still confused and don’t understand what the difference between Facebook lite and ordinary is. Because, when viewed in terms of appearance and how to use it is not much different, all the same. Therefore, see the discussion below:

Embedded App Size

Fb lite apk in terms of its name, it can be seen that this application has a smaller size or size. When viewed on Google about 10 MB, compared to the original version of 20 MB.

It must be admitted, the meta company itself is deliberately making the program smaller. This condition is given that the smartphone power of each community is not always optimal, it can be minimal.

With the presence of this version, users do not have to uninstall the apk. They can download smaller ones, although there are some limitations to using them. However, the essence of the use is achieved.

Where Fb lite apk can make status, comment, send chat and view some videos. This condition must be enough right? It doesn’t need to be of good quality, as long as it’s clear and understandable.

This condition also follows the state of the smartphone itself. When it’s been a long time for example 3 years, usually the capacity will be eroded so that the capacity becomes less than a new cell phone.

Speed ​​in Accessing Content

Fb lite apk is made for those with smartphone conditions that are still far behind with current products. Don’t be surprised if you use a 2G network. It’s just that now, everyone is using 4G.

So, this difference is not very noticeable. However, when in some areas with low signal, the application can still be used. The situation looks different when using regular Facebook.

Usually using the highest network, for now in big cities 5G is already running. Even so, both are still comfortable to use. In fact, if they are both smooth, there seems to be no difference.

Moreover, almost all the features are already available on the Fb lite apk. Even though it looks like there are restrictions, it doesn’t affect users, they can still do whatever they want and need.

Quota Internet

The next difference occurs in the quota used, which is much lower. For comparison itself can reach 1:2. No wonder when surfing here, users stay relaxed even though they only have 100 Mb left.

However, different conditions occur when you use the regular version, the 100 Mb quota is still able to surf, it’s just that it’s a little sluggish. To open a video or photo is a little difficult, even keep going round and round.

User Interface

Fb lite apk has a simple look, not so many funny animations. This condition provides flexibility for low-capacity smartphones. So, appearance is only important, such as chat, status, profile.

The next difference is in the photos and videos. Some users claim to be unable to display it, when other accounts upload it, the status contains small notes so that it is difficult to see it.

However, there are some users who also claim that this Fb lite apk is still able to display some of these videos and photos. It’s just that, the quality is lowered so it’s not so clearly visible.

Pros and Cons of Facebook Lite

Fb lite apk also has advantages that can be used as a reason why you should download it. Keep in mind for some people actually, viewing photos is not very important, the main point is the status.

With a simple user interface will automatically save the condition of the smartphone battery. This can be proven by yourself, although it is actually not very significant, just a slight reduction is quite useful.

Another advantage of using the Fb lite apk is that everyone can use it without the hassle of finding a place that provides a good signal. Using the lowest network can just take some patience.

Even so, facebook lite actually has a good program. It’s just that the limitations make some storage data too full. Generate cache which makes Facebook lite difficult to open.

Then, what are the drawbacks? It should be noted that using it does not only have advantages, there must also be disadvantages. It’s not a matter of difficulty getting access to HD quality videos, other than that it’s difficult to name tagging.

This means that users will find it difficult to use the symbol, “@” either in status or comments. Actually this is not a problem, it’s just that it becomes less comfortable, you chat in the comments.

How to Download Facebook Lite Easily

From the various statements stated above make you want to install Facebook Lite? Don’t worry, it’s pretty easy. No need to look for links on various websites, because they are already available on Google Play. Here’s how:

  1. First, open Google Play, or you can directly download the Facebook Lite Apk from here
  2. Or if you want manual, you can directly Download Facebook Lite Version 2.0 Apk
  3. For the picture itself, it’s plain white with a blue F logo
  4. Do the install
  5. Wait a while for the installation process
  6. After logging in, you can use it immediately
  7. If you already have an account, just enter it
  8. How to use it is not much different from the usual version.

It should be noted that the capacity of this application looks 1.81 Mb, quite light isn’t it? For Android version 9 and below, this condition is very beneficial. No wonder there are quite a lot of users in this sector.

It should also be noted that Facebook Lite is not only available for download on Android. Instead, you can also use a personal computer with the help of a third party, the choices are quite a lot.

Overcome FB Lite that is difficult to open

Fb lite apk after downloading is sometimes difficult to open, why does that happen? Was there an error in uploading? The answer is no, it’s just that there are a few things to note.

The first point is to see how the network is. Basically it can be used even when the signal shows Edge or lowest. However, if you are still having trouble, maybe there are other things, like?

1.      Restart

Next, try to restart or turn off the smartphone and then turn it on again. This condition occurs because, the phone is too full of garbage. By doing this, the condition of the cellphone becomes more prime.

Apart from trash, the phone itself is too full, maybe the phone is coming non-stop and many applications are open. The situation can be likened to a place that continues to be added until it is full.

It doesn’t stop, but items are added non-stop, there must be over, right? This situation can also occur on your device, to get rid of it you need to restart and clean it from the trash.

This step is also one of the best solutions when the condition of Ram is almost exhausted. Even though you have to do it repeatedly, you have been able to open the Facebook lite apk and reply to some comments.

2.      Force stop and reinstall

Next is to try to force stop first, then install again. Just don’t do it too many times. Because, it can damage your smartphone, if it fails, take it to the service counter.

Forcing the application to stop is a sign that all of its data is deleted, don’t be surprised if you download it again everything will return to the way it was. Including setting up from scratch again.

Even though you have saved it, the chances of all commands being deleted are very high. Therefore, just do the command when the condition is forced not to repeat it later it can be dangerous.

If you’re still having trouble, try deleting some apps as well. Sometimes some smartphones when they reach the final capacity limit are often difficult to use, the loading process must be quite long.

If the condition is already on the phone but it’s still difficult to open it. Maybe, the app wants an update, so just do it. This way there are several additions and new security features embedded.

No wonder after doing it the application can immediately. To do this, you can open the Google Playstore first and then, choose to update, wait a moment and then try to open it again.

How to Download Videos from FB Lite

Who says that Facebook lite apk can’t download videos or photos? This application gives users the flexibility to do just that. Then, how? Take a look at the steps below.

  1. Open the app first
  2. Try to find the video or photo you want to download
  3. Select the three dots in the right corner
  4. Then click copy link
  5. The next point is to open the downloader app from the Video Download App
  6. Next, do a copy and paste then click download.

Using a third party to do the download on Fb lite apk will be easy and the results can be seen. Although the quality is not good, it’s just that when viewed it is still visible because the details are visible.

Usually the download for this lite version, will not go into the gallery. But it’s in the app itself. For third parties in downloading the choices are quite a lot.

Almost all of them provide extraordinary conveniences and facilities. It’s not surprising that many users also download it, so it’s a package so that the process can run well and the results are as desired.

Although in the end the size remains the same, but it becomes better than using it directly. The decrease in quality will be very pronounced, for various purposes it is also difficult because, the image does not meet the standards.

It must be admitted that the regular Facebook version is impressive. Unfortunately, not all smartphones can use it, therefore the selection of the Fb lite apk is the most correct choice so that you can use it.Download Facebook Lite –

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