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Canva Mod Apk Download Premium Unlocked No Watermark Canva Mod Apk Download Premium Unlocked No Watermark

Canva Mod Apk


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Canva’s popularity as an editing application has almost replaced the role of various editing or design software that can only be used using a PC. Moreover, now there is Canva Mod Apk which can be used for various design purposes.

In the past, to design something, you had to take pains to learn its intricacies. But now, it can be done easily. Of course, thanks to the application that provides various design templates on this one. Even novice users can use it easily.

However, in the original Canva app, there are still some locked features. This makes many people experience obstacles in expressing their creativity. Therefore, the appearance of Canva Mod Apk seems to be a breath of fresh air for every user.

In this application, there are many interesting features that can be used. If you want to understand more about the modified Canva, the description in this article might be quite helpful.

Well, for those of you who don’t know it, Canva Mod Apk is a Canva application that has received various modifications from developers or third parties. So, the developer is not an official developer, but someone outside the Canva company.

Although not directly developed by the official developer, this modified Canva app brings a number of advantages. It can even be said that the advantages it has are far more interesting and more complete when compared to the official version of Canva.

Apart from that, Canva can also be defined as an application that can be used to simplify various efforts in graphic design. Currently, you can make anything through this interesting application.

For example, with Canva Mod Apk you can create images, posters, backgrounds, book covers, and various other types of graphic designs. With this application, you can make it in a relatively fast time.

One of the reasons why you can use it quickly, is the availability of many templates. In addition, the various design elements found in Canva are also very easy to add.

Later, you can compare some decorative elements to use in the work you are making. Because of the convenience it offers, it’s no wonder that the original version of Canva already has quite a number of users.

Usually, this application is used by designers who are still trying to learn graphic design. Or it can also be used by people who need designs but can’t operate software on computers that have complicated instructions.

Therefore, it is not surprising that many use Canva Mod Apk to create various designs for brochures, pamphlets, posters, ID cards, invitation letters, even resumes and CVs can also be made with Canva.

Canva MOD APK is one of the most popular graphic design apps . Many people use this application to design advertisements, posters, photos, and even create CVs in Canva . The features are quite complete and free!

Many people prefer the modified version over buying the original version to access all of Canva’s premium features that were previously inaccessible. With this MOD APK, you can get unlock all features to ad-free features. Everything can be obtained for free!

But you need to know that using the Canva Pro App is quite risky if used because it is illegal. Your account can be banned, and your device has the potential to be attacked by viruses or malware that open gaps for data theft.

Therefore, you should only use the download link for the latest Canva Premium MOD APK 2022 as a trial version before you buy the original version.

Canva APK at a glance

Canva MOD APK is an editing application that is suitable for use by both beginners and professionals. You can do many things, from making posters, infographics, slideshows, to CVs.

This software is suitable for those of you who don’t want the hassle of editing photos using the heavy Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator application .

This graphic design editing application was developed by Melanie Perkins, Cliff Obrecht, and Cameron Adams in 2013. Thanks to its simplicity and completeness of features, Canva has now become one of the most popular editing applications in the world.

There are various templates , icons, or basic images that you just need to copy and paste into the worksheet according to your vision. After that, share it on social media right away !

Unfortunately, you can’t access all the interesting features. You have to pay a subscription fee in advance.

Well, Jaka has a solution for those of you whose pockets are still limited. Try using the latest Canva MOD APK 2022 a modified version that gives you premium access for free without conditions!

Download Canva Premium APK MOD 2022

Can’t wait to download Canva premium APK , gang? If so, you can download and install the application via the link below so you can immediately enjoy the video and photo editing application easily.

DetailCanva: Graphic Design, Video Collage, Logo Maker
Minimal OS5.0 and higher
Rating (Google Play)4.7/5.0

Here Jaka presents the new version of the Canva APK MOD download link that you can choose. There is an original version too, you know, gang. Please select the version you want.

How to Install Canva MOD APK

Installing Canva APK MOD is not difficult. However, because you are using a modified version, the installation method for Canva Premium APK is not the same as when you download the Canva design application on the Google Play Store . Here are the steps.

  1. Remove the previous version of Canva APK (if any).
  2. Go to HP Settings > Security & enable ‘Unknown Sources’ .
  3. Download the Canva MOD APK that ApkVenue has provided above.
  4. Klik dan install file MOD APK Canva.
  5. Wait until the installation process is complete.
  6. If you have, then you can play Canva PRO MOD.

Difference between Canva MOD APK and Original

There are various differences that you will encounter when using the MOD Canva premium APK. Read more in the table below.

Canva OriginalCanva MOD APK
Locked featuresAll features, including premium, are freely accessible
Ada watermarkNo watermark
There are in-app purchasesThere are no in-app purchases

Featured Features of Canva MOD APK All Unlocked

The Canva design app offers a variety of interesting features that you can enjoy. What are its features? Read more below.

1. Premium Unlocked

Now, you can easily enjoy all the premium features of Canva APK, from cool design templates, beautiful logos , or using attractive fonts .

In fact, you can also use all the cute icons needed for your designs without being limited to having to subscribe to premium again.

2. Remove Watermark

Troubled by Canva’s free version of the watermark ? Relax, this version of the image editing application will not display a watermark on the creations that you have made.

No need to worry anymore if the watermark will damage the value of your edits. Interested to try?

3. All Elements Unlocked

Open it and enjoy all the premium Canva APK services. Icons, font styles, and QR code designs are free for you to choose. Everything can be accessed for free without any conditions.

More Features

In addition to the main features above, there are other features that are no less cool, you know, gang. Here are some of them:

  • Can enjoy the elements that are available for free.
  • Use ready-made designs or your own designs with custom dimensions.
  • More than 60,000 templates.
  • Easily add text to photos, multi-language support, change font , color, shadow.
  • Use stock images or upload them from the device.
  • Save photos in high quality.

Features and How to Buy Canva Premium

Canva original offers a free version and a pro version. Canva Pro is of course paid because it includes all the features that the free version offers and additional features. Let’s look at the differences in the features below.

Canvas FreeCanva Pro
Access to 4 million images,

videos and other elements
Access over 75 million images, videos,

diagrams, icons and other elements
Cannot be accessed by the entire work teamCan be accessed by the entire work team
Unable to upload transparent logo or font fileCan upload logo and font files
Contains only 250,000 templatesHas more than 420,000 templates
Can’t revise the designCan revise the design
Can’t remove photo backgroundEasy to remove photo background
Only 6 animation options11 animation options available

Canva Pro certainly provides many advantages. You also don’t have to worry about copyright infringement in design materials when using Canva Pro because the images are already licensed to use.

Canva Pro’s monthly plan costs $12.99 per month (approx. Rp. 184,240). It is billed monthly and can be canceled at any time.

But if you opt for the annual plan, the Canva Pro Annual Plan costs $9.99 per month and is billed annually for $119.40 (approximately $1,666).

Interestingly, you can get Canva Pro discounts through the application on your smartphone. Here’s how:

How to buy Canva Pro on Smartphone:

  1. Sign up or Log in to your account.
  2. Go to “Account” . then select “Upgrade to Canva Pro” . The price per month becomes IDR 75,000 and per year becomes IDR 499,000. This does not include taxes.
  3. Select “14 Day Free Trial” . Then, you will be directed to the payment method.
  4. Choose the payment method as desired (Visa Credit/Debit Card, GoPay, Indosat Credit , Redeem Code, Google Play Balance, or Alfamart).
  5. The system will calculate the total that you have to pay. Then click “Subscribe” .
  6. Wait until the payment process is complete.

When finished, you can check your Canva account via the website to find out that this application can already be used with its full range of features.

IMPORTANT!! Risks of Using MOD APK

The use of MOD APK does provide many advantages. No wonder this version is more in demand and in demand by many users. Of course, apart from being free and having more complete features, the appearance of Canva Premium MOD is also more attractive.

Even so, you will get a lot of losses. Here’s Jaka’s explanation about the losses you will get if you install the modified version of the application.

  • Carrying viruses or malware that harm the device system.
  • There are indications of SPY / spies that can threaten your privacy. Such as photo galleries, transaction activities, digital wallets, and so on that can be taken over by hackers.
  • Threats that your account will be permanently banned by the Google Play Store or App Store which makes it difficult for you to access your Google or Apple account.
  • MOD applications illegally inflict a real loss on the original developer.
  • MOD APK does not promise 100% safe for your device. If you experience problems with the MOD version of the application that has been installed, you can’t complain to the developer .

The final word

Canva Pro MOD APK version 2022 is indeed one of the most useful tools for making designs. The features are complete, there are plenty of stock fonts and template designs. Beginners can also use it easily because of its simple and easy-to-understand interface.

However, ApkVenue recommends that you only use this modified version as a trial. If the app helps, you can buy the original premium version. Remember the dangers that Jaka has described above, yes!

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