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Bucket Crusher Mod Apk Bucket Crusher Mod Apk

Bucket Crusher Mod Apk


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Choosing a casual game is of course difficult, especially if you have gone to the play store, then thousands of applications are ready to be downloaded and difficult to determine, therefore on this occasion we will share with you guys about the bucket crusher mod apk. You need to know, guys, this is a relaxing application that you can play.

In the bucket crusher mod apk, of course it will entertain your free time, it is designed with a relaxed gameplay, so this game will let you have fun and at least relieve stress.

For this one game, it can be played by all people, so it is also suitable for children who currently really need education through games. Alright, let’s just look at the following explanation.

This is a game that is currently viral, in this game the player must be able to destroy as many bricks as possible. Don’t worry, it’s also very easy to destroy the bricks by using the help of a crusher and a long crane to reach bricks that are far away.

In the game you will be faced with a high pile of bricks then ordered to be destroyed. When the bricks are destroyed, you have to take the bricks using a container in the form of a bucket.

Even more interesting, when you destroy the bricks, the bricks will become coins. You can collect the coins in the game, you can then buy the various items in it.

The coins that you get can later be in the form of money or money which when exchanged can be used to buy all the equipment needed for the items in it, such as purchasing a fuel tank, a longer crane, fuel and others.

Oh yes, guys, in this game you have to use a crushing machine like in the real world, which means destroying bricks that are adjusted to the fuel you have. If the fuel runs out, the game will stop.

To make the game continue to the next level, the purchase of fuel must be adjusted to the number of piles of bricks that will be destroyed.

But don’t worry guys, because in this Bucket Crusher Mod Apk application you will get many very profitable features, including the following.

Fitur Bucket Crusher Mod Apk

You can enjoy some cool features for free by using this modified version. So what are the features, you can see in full below.

Unlimited Money

In the game, the main thing you get is unlimited money. Thanks to this feature, you can buy whatever you need, such as buying fuel, buying saws, cranes and others.

By equipping all the items in the game, you can destroy a lot of bricks and can level up to the highest level.

Unlimited Fuel

When you manage to destroy the bricks in the game, the bricks will turn into coins that can be collected to buy various items. With unlimited fuel, destroying bricks will be more.

On the other hand, the coins that were obtained can also be collected to buy items.

No Ads

In this apk mod version, you can play very excitingly, even interestingly, you won’t see annoying ads in the game, guys. But if you play the original version, then you will see ads and it’s annoying sometimes.

Crane Speed

Crane speed will also increase you get faster destruction. When the crane is faster, you will be faster when destroying bricks.

Lightweight Game

There are no serious challenges in this game so you can play it very casually. Moreover, with the support of the features that have been mentioned above, then you can be more relaxed when playing but win the game.

Anti Banned

The third developer turned out to be modifying the game very cool, this can be seen from the anti-ban feature. If an application from a third party has been repeated many times with anti-banned features, then that means this game is safe even though the features violate the policies of the official developer.

However, we are very sorry for those of you who believe it is 100% safe, because there are no modified games and it is very safe, so play the game very carefully, guys.

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