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Never expect fair play when playing online games, including Free Fire. Surely you’ve met some players who use cheats to win the game.

It could be that they use Arabs hackers VIP so that their skills look like gods. But make no mistake, it’s all thanks to the help of a cheat application so the game looks good.

It cannot be denied that Free Fire or FF is one of the best games in the world. How not, data on Playstore shows that this game made by Garena has been used by more than 1 billion users.

No one has exceeded that number in terms of online games with the action genre.

Even though there are heavy competitors like PUBG, FF has never shifted from the top of the standings in terms of the number of users.

Indeed, this game provides an exciting and interesting game with various modes provided.

The most popular mode is Ranked, where players can level up to the maximum and get lots of prizes.

Unfortunately, the reality is not so because it is very difficult to reach the level in question. The higher the level, the more difficult the missions will be.

Not to mention the time to advance from one level to the next is not short, it even takes months.

This is one of the reasons why many FF players choose a shortcut by using Arabs Hackers VIP as a cheat application.

Review Arabs Hackers VIP Apk

It’s good if we use the application that is our main discussion this time. As said at the beginning.

This application is a form of cheat that allows you to win easily when playing FF online games.

This cheat application is also illegal so you can’t get it on Playstore.

In addition, it should also be understood that Arabs Hackers VIP is a third-party application, so it has nothing to do with Garena, as the official developer of Free Fire.

It is said to be a cheat, meaning that many features will be obtained. Interestingly, all of these features can be used for free without having to pay any fees.

Fitur Arabs Hackers VIP Auto Headshot

Of the many cheat applications, of course there is a reason why more people use this Free Fire 2022 VIP hacker than others.

As said earlier, the main reason is because of the sheer number of features it provides. What features do you mean? Here’s the full review!

AIMBot Features

AIM is a situation where a bullet or shot is aimed at the enemy. It’s not easy to hit your opponent when you’re face to face or from a distance.

The main factor is panic, which usually makes the direction of the shot inaccurate. In addition, distance also determines whether your shot is right or misses the target.

Interestingly, you don’t have to bother targeting enemies when using the Arabs Hackers VIP cheat application.

Its superior feature is the AIMbot, where the direction of the bullet will automatically hit the enemy.

Even if the enemy is out of range, in other words far away, this feature can still function properly. The most important feature of AiMbot is Auto Headshot.

ESP Menu Features

The difficulty in winning the game in the Free Fire online game is finding enemies. It doesn’t matter if at the beginning of the game because there are still a lot of enemies so they are spread out at several points.

However, when the enemy is few, finding their whereabouts can be difficult. Especially if suddenly the enemy is behind and shoots directly at us.

Fortunately Arabs Hackers VIP pro apk has provided the ESP feature. Its main function is to know the location of the enemy by marking them.

Uniquely, almost all enemies can be identified by just looking at the mini map. With this feature, of course, you will not panic when the enemy ambushes you from behind.

To make it easier for you to win the game, the FF Arabs Hackers VIP cheat Apk is also equipped with the Telekill feature.  

There are three menus for this feature, namely Teleport Car, Telekill Pro, and Ghost Hack. Each menu has its own function, for example, Teleport Car which serves to bring vehicles in any position.

Even though the three menu features above are enough to get an easy win, in fact you are still given other bonus features.

The next feature is Medkit Run, which serves to treat yourself or increase HP while running.

Next there is Charge Gun Speed ​​which serves to reload or refill weapons faster.

Not only that, you can take advantage of the Wallhack feature so you can see the enemy’s position anywhere.

Actually the Arabs Hackers VIP feature is similar to the ESP feature, only this time it can be seen directly in the game. That is, you don’t need to open the map to find hiding enemy positions.

Download Arabs Hackers VIP FF Apk + OBB

With the various cool and useful features above, of course you can’t wait to use it. Unfortunately, you can’t get this cheat application through the Playstore.

However, there are many sites that provide download links for Arabs Hackers VIP FF, one of which is here. Even though it’s from outside the Playstore, the files we provide are safe from viruses.

If you are not sure, please use an antivirus or scan it first with the respective mainstay tools. However, if you are sure, please download via the link below!

APK NameArabs Hacker VIP APK
File Size60 MB
DeveloperJihed Youtube
minimal OSAndroid 5.0+

How to Install the Latest Arabs Hackers VIP

How to install this cheat application is different from other applications outside the Playstore. The reason is, there is an OBB file that must be placed in the right place so that no errors occur when run.

In addition, how to install it must also activate the installation feature from unknown sources first.

It’s only natural because this application is not from the official Google Playstore source. More details, please follow how to install Arabs Hackers VIP + OBB below!

  1. Open the settings menu.
  2. Go to ‘advanced settings’.
  3. Find and enter the ‘security and privacy’ menu.
  4. Tick ​​or slide the toggle next to ‘installation from unknown sources’.
  5. Open the apk file that was downloaded from the link above via the ‘file manager’.
  6. Press the file name, then select ‘install’ in the dialog box that appears.
  7. After the installation process is complete, do not open the application immediately because there is an additional OBB file.
  8. Extract the downloaded OBB file above.
  9. Copy file OBB gets.
  10. Open ‘file manager’.
  11. Continue by going to ‘Internal Storage’.
  12. Click ‘Android’.
  13. Go to the Free Fire data or folder, namely ‘com.dtsfreefireth’.
  14. Buka folder ‘OBB’.
  15. Paste or paste the OBB file that was copied earlier.
  16. Please open the Free Fire game application, the cheat should be able to be used.


That’s an interesting discussion about Arabs Hackers VIP, an application that is used to cheat Free Fire.

Although it can make it easier to win the game, sometimes playing using cheats makes you bored quickly. Therefore, it is better if you use it within reasonable limits.

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