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January 25, 2022
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AnimixPlay APK can be the most suitable anime watching application for you. What’s more, you can watch your favorite anime for free!

Watching various favorite anime through various anime watching sites may have become a habit for you anime fans.

So, to make watching activities easier and more practical, ApkVenue also recommends the AnimixPlay premium APK application that you can install to support anime watching activities. You can access the application via HP and PC.

Anyway, you will be presented with a row of anime titles that can be watched for free and HD video quality, gang. Want to know the complete information as well as the download link ? Come on, get it below.

What is AnimixPlay APK?

AnimixPlay is the official anime streaming app that lets you stream thousands of anime episodes for free, gang.

Not only the old ones, you can also watch Tokyo Revengers , Shoujo Ai, Shippuuden, and other latest and favorite anime.

In addition to watching in HD quality, you can save all watched anime episodes to your Android device so you can watch them again, you know.

More or less this application is similar to Bstation APK which offers the same facilities for you anime lovers, gangs.

Download AnimixPlay APK Latest MOD

Those of you who feel that days are incomplete without watching anime, you will really need AnimixPlay to watch your favorite anime anywhere and anytime.

Before downloading the APK, ApkVenue recommends that you first check the specifications of this application for Android phones. Check directly in the table below, yes!

Minimal OS
File Size1.3MB
Versionv1.3 (latest)

However, you need to know that AnimixPlay is currently not available on the Google Play Store. So, if you find this application there, it is certain that the AnimixPlay you downloaded from the Google Play Store is a fake application.

If you are interested, just download the application via the link below, gang.

Cara Install AnimixPlay APK

If you still find it difficult to install applications that are not on the Google Play Store like AnimixPlay, please see the steps below. Calm down, gang, it’s not difficult or complicated at all, really!

  1. Download the AnimixPlay app.
  2. Open the settings menu on the HP.
  3. Select the Security or Application menu .
  4. Enable Unknown sources . _
  5. Open the application file that has finished downloading.
  6. Select Install .
  7. Done.

Difference between AnimixPlay Original Version and APK

As an APK version of the site version, there are a number of basic differences that you will find in the AnimixPlay APK. Details of the differences between the original version and the APK you can check the table below:

AnimixPlayAnimixPlay APK
Can only watch videosCan watch and download videos for free
There are adsNo ads

AnimixPlay App Features and Benefits

Before installing an application, of course you want to know what the application has to offer. Is it worth it ?

Well, the excellent features that AnimixPlay has will definitely not make you think twice about downloading it. Here it is, gang:

  • Watch and download anime for free
  • No registration required
  • Ad-free
  • Simple interface and easy to use
  • Has a large collection of anime
  • No need to install separate apps to watch and download

Risks of Using MOD APK

Although this premium unlocked AnimixPlay offers many interesting things that can spoil you, but you have to remember that this is an unofficial application, gang.

Of course, as an unofficial application, there are many risks that you must be aware of. What are those? Here’s the review.

  • Virus and Malware Potential : Through an unauthorized modification process, making MOD games or applications vulnerable to viruses or malware . Of course this has the potential to damage your device, even eliminating important data on it.
  • Risk of Permanent Ban : Because it is an illegal application, if it is detected that it is installed on your device by the Google Play Store, it is very likely that you can be permanently banned . You will not be able to access other Google applications, gang. Miserable, huh!
  • Data Hacking: The creator of this MOD app has no clear identity and copyright. It could be that the creator is an irresponsible person who deliberately creates a scam application to hack your personal data and misuse it.
  • Disadvantaging Developers: Downloading MOD applications has the potential to harm the official creator or developer. You can break the chain of their profits, even destroying other users’ trust in the official application.

The final word

The anime marathon becomes more comfortable if you’ve downloaded the latest version of AnimixPlay APK Android 2022, right? You don’t need to look for anime you want to watch through other applications or sites.

But, remember. Jaka wants to emphasize that downloading a MOD APK like this is very dangerous. The risk that ApkVenue mentioned above could happen to you at any time. So, try to reconsider.

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