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Angry Birds Go Mod Apk Angry Birds Go Mod Apk

Angry Birds Go Mod Apk


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Apr 18, 2022
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Android 4.1+
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You can now download Angry Birds Go Mod APK for free. The presence of this version received a lot of positive responses from fans of the game Angry Birds Go. How could I not, apart from coming with a new theme this version also provides a variety of super fun features that you will never be able to get in the official version.

Does that mean the player will take control of a new character such as a pig? No. Or will the player control a giant catapult? Not really. So, what distinguishes Angry Birds Go Mod APK from other Angry Birds series?

If you are curious, check out and follow Mod Combo’s special review about the latest version of the Angry Birds Go Mod APK game.

Apa Itu Angry Birds Go Mod APK?

Some of you may still be unfamiliar with Angry Birds Go. But who would have thought that this simple game would win the sympathy of Angry Birds fans.

angry birds go mod apk

Angry Birds Go is a game from Angry Birds that comes with a completely different theme from the other series.

Angry Birds Go carries the theme of downhill kart racing, which is similar to Mario Kart and Crash Team Racing, or better known as CTR, which triumphed on consoles at that time.

In this game you will not find a mission to destroy a herd of green pigs. In this series, the characters offered are also quite a lot. Both from the perspective of the bird and from the green pig.

The characters that you can choose include Red, Terence, Mustache Pig, King Pig, Chuck and other unique characters.

Of course, each character is equipped with different abilities. Some are equipped with power ups that greatly affect your speed.

Therefore, don’t make the wrong choice of character, and choose the best character.

What’s interesting in this game is that as a player you are given the freedom to choose the available characters. Not only your character, you are even free to choose the vehicle you are driving.

As usual, the race track will be filled with lots of coins scattered along the track. Collect as many coins as possible so that the kart’s speed, acceleration, response and resistance to attack can be upgraded to a higher level.

angry birds go mod apk unlimited gems and coins

Just like the official version, the latest version of Angry Birds Go Mod APK also offers a choice of game modes including racing mode, time trial, one-on-one races to a mode where you have to crash a kart into fruit.

Gameplay Angry Birds Go Mod APK

The story of this game begins when the red birds are jealous of seeing a herd of pigs who are busy doing kart competitions for the prize of a piece of cake.

The angry bird then tries to steal one of the pigs’ karts, and the game begins. Even though it carries a new theme, this game still retains the characteristics of Angry Birds, namely the slingshot element.

At the beginning of the game, so that the kart you are riding can slide very fast, then you need to throw the kart using a giant slingshot.

The farther you pull the catapult backwards, the faster your kart will go. Because this game adheres to the downhill kart racing type, this game does not provide a gas button.

angry birds go mod apk download

You only need to control the kart to the right and left until it reaches the finish.

Features Angry Birds Go Mod APK

Then what are the features presented that make Angry Birds Go Mod APK unlimited gems and coins very different from the original version? Following are the features that you can enjoy after downloading the latest version of Angry Birds Go Mod APK.

Unlimited Gems and Coins

Actually the original version is not 100% bad but too stingy to players. For example, to be able to upgrade, players must first collect coins.

Then the number of vehicle upgrades is also limited, this is so that players want to buy new vehicles using real money.

Rovio, as the developer, shamelessly priced the Big Bang Special Edition car at a pretty ridiculous price, which was for US$ 99.

In fact, with the unlimited gems and coins feature in Angry Birds Go Mod APK, you can use all the vehicles in the game for free.


It must be admitted that apart from the gameplay, the stunning graphic presentation is also the main attraction of this game. In terms of graphics, this kart racing game comes with dazzling graphic quality.

Angry Birds Go Mod Apk Version Latest

Even the graphic visualization presented by this game is not inferior to games in the class of Infinity Blade and NOVA that carry 3D graphics.

Bright colors, then elements such as vehicles and characters used are also more pleasing to the eye.

Even though there are some parts of the racing arena that are similar to CTR, this does not reduce the value of this game.

Easy Control

What happens if the quality of a game has to be damaged just because it has a bad control system?

That’s what Angry Birds Go Mod APK seems to avoid. As if they don’t want to lose the players’ trust, the developer tries to provide a control system that is easy to control.

Angry Birds Go Mod APK offers two control systems that you can choose from. Two types of control namely Tilt Control and Virtual Control. Both are very easy to use and it doesn’t take long to get used to these two controls.

No Ads

If you are a loyal fan of Angry Birds, of course you are very familiar with Rovio’s character as a developer. This developer is known to be greedy in terms of monetization. Rovio did not hesitate to fill the players with promotional advertisements just to get money through advertisements.

angry birds go mod apk 2022

If you can’t stand the ads in the original version, then you can switch to using the latest version of Angry Birds Go Mod APK which doesn’t allow any ads to enter the game.

Download Angry Birds Go Mod APK

Judging from the gameplay, Angry Birds Go is guaranteed to be very interesting and fun to play. But another thing that is quite annoying is the microtransaction.

Through the energy system, the official version of Angry Birds Go seems to force players to make purchases in the game.

The question is, are you willing to spend that much real money just to upgrade your vehicle?

If you can use a vehicle for free why buy expensive? Come on, download Angry Birds Go Mod APK, unlimited gems and coins now!


Angry Birds Go Mod APK is a new way to play kart racing with lots of conveniences. Unlike the official version which bothers players with its IAP, Angry Birds Go Mod APK unlimited gems and coins gives players the freedom to explore all the features in the game.

Even though it carries the same theme as CTR and Mario Kart, honestly this game feels more casual than the two gametes. Moreover, the multiplayer feature in this series is missing somewhere.